AFL umpiring boss Dan Richardson has declared fault during the final moments of the Collingwood-Adelaide thriller at the MCG on Sunday afternoon, admitting Crows skipper Jordan Dawson should have been awarded a free kick after receiving high contact from Magpies forward Jamie Elliott.

Dawson was collected high by a stray Elliott forearm in the waning moments of the Magpies' two-point victory, however, no free kick was paid by the adjudicating umpire, leaving Crows fans understandably frustrated and dismayed.

On Monday, Richardson told 9 News Adelaide a free kick should have paid to Dawson, which would have resulted in a set shot at goal for the Adelaide midfielder.

However, Richardson exhibited leniency to Sunday's officiating crew, stating "The umps had a restricted view of the contest."

Crows ruckman Reilly O'Brien stated his own thoughts on the missed call.

"Watching it back, it was obviously a clear free kick, but, I mean, it's hard in the heat of the game to notice that and 'Daws' had a pretty fat lip with a lot of blood coming out post-game, so he certainly got some contact, but, I mean, you can't really blame it on individual umpiring decisions, because there's a lot throughout the game that go either way," O'Brien told 10 News First Adelaide on Monday.

"We had our chances and just weren't able to capitalise late and get ahead."

While Crows fans may feel vindicated in hearing the AFL admit fault, unfortunately, it doesn't change the end result.

Adelaide plays North Melbourne at Adelaide Oval in Round 16 as it looks to get back to winning ways.


  1. Well – that’s ONE admission……

    No mention of the dozen or so “dropping the ball”/” holding the ball” frees that were also NOT paid – anything up to four in quick succession in a single play (not paid) followed by an INSTANT free to the wobbles as soon as a Crow held it in a tackle…… (There were four frees not paid on the wing – and then a free was instantly paid to the wobbles as soon a the ball was within goal).

    There are easily three goals that the umpires “gave” the wobbles…..
    There was obviously the goal that Dawson would have kicked if an umpire chose to do his job….

    The games “result” is indicative of why we have a “no dissent” rule……
    The first thing a corrupted person needs to do is stop all suggestion of his (her) corruption.

    From the umpiring – I have every reason to assume the result of this game had been determined before the first bounce.

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