A trio of cases will be heard at the AFL Tribunal on Tuesday evening, with Sydney's Luke Parker, Carlton's Adam Cerra and Adelaide's Rory Laird all challenging separate rough conduct charges.

Parker's case, which will run from 4:00pm (AEST), will see the Swans looking to overturn their co-captain's rough conduct charge for a dangerous tackle, which was graded as careless conduct, medium impact and high contact.

Cerra's case, which will commence at approximately 5:30pm, will see the Blues challenge the rough conduct dangerous tackle charge following the grading of careless conduct, medium impact and high contact.

Laird's case, which will commence at approximately 7:00pm, will see the Crows challenge a rough conduct dangerous tackle charge that was graded as careless conduct, medium impact and high contact.

Swans lose in fight to drop Parker's one-game suspension

Sydney were arguing the grading of 'careless' conduct for Parker's tackle on Blues star Sam Walsh, and if that argument was unsuccessful they were challenging the level of impact, ideally lowering the grading from 'medium' to 'low'.

A grading of careless conduct, low impact and high contact would see Parker fined instead of suspended, and therefore free to play in Round 13 against St Kilda.

The AFL Tribunal decided to uphold the grading of medium impact and maintain Parker's one-game suspension.

He will be unavailable for next week's clash with St Kilda, and can return in Round 14 against Brisbane.

Blues win in challenge of Cerra's dangerous tackle ban 

The Blues were challenging the charge on three counts, arguing the incident was rough conduct, that is was a dangerous tackle, and that the level of impact was lower than 'medium'.

The AFL Tribunal found that the tackle in question was not dangerous.

With the Blues successful in their challenge, Cerra's suspension will be overturned and he will be available for Friday's game against Melbourne.

The case is a landmark one for this year, being the first to overturn a dangerous tackle suspension.

Adelaide win at Tribunal for Laird rough conduct charge

The Crows were arguing Laird was not guilty of rough conduct and also hoped to have the grading of impact reduced from 'medium' to 'low'.

The AFL Tribunal dismissed the charge of rough conduct, with Laird showing a duty of care to Lachie Neale.

Laird is available for selection for Saturday's clash against Gold Coast.