VFL Grand Final - Richmond v Williamstown
MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 22: Players stand for the national anthem during the VFL Grand Final match between the Richmond Tigers and Williamstown at Ikon Park on September 22, 2019 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images)

The AFL has relaxed the new rule changes implemented in the VFL this season after analysis of more than 20 VFL practice matches in recent weeks.

The league announced over the pre-season that the second-tier VFL and East Coast competition would introduce zones in a radical shake-up of the game.

Teams were originally required to have a minimum of three players stand in each 50m arc – including one player from each team in the goalsquare – for all kick-ins and boundary throw-ins.

However, the league confirmed in a statement that tweaks have been made to the controversial rule changes following backlash from a number of AFL coaches.

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A player from either side will no longer be required to stand in the goal square at kick ins or boundary throw ins, and only two players will be permitted to stay inside the 50 meter arcs at stoppages.

Teams will have 12 seconds to have two players inside 50, with failure to do so to result in a free kick to the opposition side.

The VFL will follow the AFL's new rules in enforcing stationary players on the mark and having the location of the mark at kick ins being 15 meter from the centre of the kick off line.

However, the VFL will not have a cap on interchanges.

The second-tier VFL and East Coast competition kicks off on Friday April 16.