Collingwood defender Brayden Maynard and Melbourne youngster Jacob van Rooyen could both gain the scrutiny of the AFL's Match Review Officer for separate incidents from Thursday's Qualifying Final.

In the opening five minutes of the match, Maynard was forced to brace for contact after attempting to smother an Angus Brayshaw kick toward goal.

Maynard stretched out and upward to impact the kick, with his trajectory hurling him toward Brayshaw, who had disposed of the ball before being met with a heavy collision.

The Magpies defender crashed into Brayshaw high and floored the Demon, who required immediate medical attention. At the time of contact, Maynard was close to a foot off the ground.

Brayshaw was soon stretchered off the field on a medi-cab and was subbed out of the game shortly after, with Bailey Laurie brought into the contact as the tactical sub.

Maynard's actions could see the MRO go one of two ways, with a rough conduct charge potentially spelling a long suspension for the Collingwood star.

If the MRO views that it was reasonable for Maynard to contest the ball in the way he did and that the contact on Brayshaw's head/neck was not forceful or a result of circumstances outside his control, then Maynard could be free to play in the Magpies' next final.

If the MRO goes the other way, Maynard is likely facing gradings of careless conduct and high contact as part of a rough conduct charge.

The level of impact will likely decide the length of the suspension, with a grading of severe impact leading to a minimum three-game ban and a referral to the AFL Tribunal. A grading of high impact would lead to a two-game suspension.

Speaking on Channel 7 after the game, Maynard said his actions were a 'football act' and that he felt sorry for Brayshaw.

"I don't wanna say too much, but it's a footy act," Maynard said.

"I went forward, I jumped to smother the ball, and unfortunately I just got him on the way down.

"We'll have to wait and see what happens. I actually love (Bryashaw) to bits, it's shattering what happened."

Maynard wasn't the only player to put themselves in hot water in the opening quarter, with van Rooyen making high contact with Collingwood's Dan McStay with an errant elbow.

With both players contesting for a loose ball, van Rooyen looked to make contact with McStay instead of taking possession, with his right elbow slamming into the jaw of McStay.

The incident forced Mcstay from the field, with the Magpies forward required to undergo a concussion test. He was later cleared to return to play in the second term.

van Rooyen's high contact on McStay could spell for a suspension, with the MRO to potentially charge the young Demon with rough conduct.

A potential grading of careless conduct, high contact and medium impact would result in a one-game suspension for van Rooyen.

A grading of low impact would clear van Rooyen and instead see him fined for his actions.

Collingwood WON BY 7 POINTS