Name: Andrew Brayshaw
Position: Midfield
Club: Sandringham Dragons/Vic Metro
DOB: 8/11/1999
Height: 183cm
Weight: 80kg
Draft range: 6-18

Summary: Well rounded midfielder able to win the ball on the inside and the outside.


  • Tackling
  • Clean disposal
  • Vision
  • Consistency


  • No clear second position


Younger brother of Melbourne’s Angus, Brayshaw has produced a strong second half of the season to come into contention as a top 10 pick in this year’s draft.

His ability to win the ball in the contest has been a feature of his play while his vision and decision making on the outside has also been highlighted in his year with Sandringham.

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Over the course of 2017, Brayshaw has continually put up big disposal numbers, showing he has no trouble finding the Sherrin on any given day. His consistency and production has been a major key in his draft stocks rising in recent months.