Every year there seems to be some sort of strange call made regarding the best and fairest winners. For example, this year Brownlow medallist Lachie Neale wasn't awarded the Merrett-Murray Medal, instead, that honour went to Harris Andrews.

Whilst fans may have an opinion on who they deem to be the best and fairest at a club, the award is often the best judge of a player's qualities as it's decided internally.

We've had a crack at ranking all of this year's 18 club's best and fairest winners based on their 2023 seasons alone. Take a look at the list below.


18. Harry Sheezel

North Melbourne's top draft pick in 2023 had a phenomenal debut season.

Statistically, Sheezel had one of the best seasons for a first-year player ever. The 19-year-old averaged a stellar 27 disposals per game at an impressive 77.8% efficiency.

Despite his breakout year, Sheezel unfortunately finds himself at the bottom of our list purely based on team success and influence on the game.

In a list full of superstars, expect Sheezel to move up the ranks in years to come.