Sam Mitchell likely to cop ban

Hawthorn star Sam Mitchell is likely to face time on the sidelines after punching Melbourne’s Jack Watts in the face on Saturday afternoon.

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Watch the incident below:

Meanwhile, teammate Cyril Rioli is also in hot water after being reported for a high bump on Demons’ youngster Clayton Oliver.

The Match Review Panel will release its findings on Monday afternoon.


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    • Saw that one. Probably won’t get anything. Imagine if this sneaky bastard and Cyril get a week each the flags at afl house would be at half mast

  1. Will get a fine …because Watts didn’t end up in hospital, so therefore downgrade to minor conatact ….and that my friends, is how these muppets think !!!

  2. Close games won by dodgy umpiring,let off for obvious offences,Mitchell crippled Fyfe and Tex with ‘”

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