Luke Breust reportedly on the trade table for Jaeger O’Meara

Hawthorn could part ways with forward Luke Breust in order toΒ secure the signature of Gold Coast onballer Jaeger O’Meara.

According to reports, Breust could be offered up as part of a deal to the Suns, which could result in a significant pay rise for the 25-year-old.

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North Melbourne champion and Triple M Radio commentator, Wayne Carey, said on Saturday afternoon that Breust was told during the week of his possible departure.

“I’m hearing that Luke Breust has been told, which I found very surprising, he got told during the week that if a deal could be done that he may be one of the ones (up for trade),” Carey said.

Gold Coast will also likely ask for a high first round draft pick as well as a player for O’Meara.

Breust, who was recruited with pick No. 47 in the 2009 rookie draft, from Temora in New South Wales,Β has kicked 271 goals in 140 games with the Hawks.

Hawthorn will be very active this trade period, with club also set to go hard for Sydney midfielder Tom Mitchell and Richmond tall Ty Vickery.


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  1. Stupid move by Hawks, gonna trade a bloke who’s kicked 47 goals this year and probobly a top end draft pick for someone that hasn’t played footy in 2 years and has already failed medicals and north and saints?

  2. I’d consider trading Bruest for the right deal – for example if we managed to significantly improve our draft position this year or next. He is 25 and a multiple premiership player and one of the competition’s best small forwards. For example if we were to give Bruest to GWS and our first pick and it enabled us to get two better first rounders and an early second round pick and we got an early second round pick for Hill and then we turned those two early second rounders for a first round and gave that first round to GC along with a player like Hartung leaving us with O’Meara and two early first round picks.

      • yeah and they just gave them another year….BAD move! they should have left all contract talk until after the Dogs bundled them out, instead…they panicked and give three old timers another year….just watch them get frustrated and angry next year, injured too its going to be great watching your team self will be like brisbane within 2-3 years….In a word mate your team is OVER! yes you have your flags but they are in the past…and you still dont have as many as Essendon, Carlton and even Collingwood….

    • Yep I agree. Suns have another opportunity to build through the draft with something like 6 picks inside the first 30. Many of the foundation players have either left, are leaving or just haven’t come on as expected.

    • Id hate to lose him. Good small forward. But Omeara could potentially be a 10+ year superstar for us. Have to give something.

      But our forward structure needs to change. Can’t set up with 3 small forwards as target

  3. Ha ha! and so the mighty fall apart desperation act this one…watching Bont pick the pocket of the old man Hodge was absolute gold…will now enjoy watching the hawks self destruct…there is no doubt now the ageing old hawks tried to get one more year and 4 in a row and have forgotten the future…mark my words this club will slide dramatically now and have not built for the future…they will miss the eight in 2017 and spend the next decade in the wilderness…enjoy your flags hawks supporters but they are in the past…the future has caught up with you and you are over.

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