Caleb Marchbank of the Giants watches on during warm-up ahead of the 2016 AFL NAB Challenge match between the Sydney Swans and the Greater Western Sydney Giants at Drummoyne Oval on March 4, 2016 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

The key to getting Marchbank to the Blues

Greater Western Sydney defender Caleb Marchbank officially requested a trade to Carlton earlier this month. However, now comes the hard part with the two clubs needing to negotiate a trade for the youngster.

The Blues have stated that they will not part with their first selection in the National Draft, which is pick No.5, however, the Giants are keen to pursue a high draft pick for the former top-10 pick.

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Channel Seven’s Sam McClure reports that Giant James Stewart could be sent to Carlton to sweeten the deal for the Blues.

The 22-year-old has played just 18 games in three years at the Giants, with the 198cm goal kicker unable to secure a regular birth in the starting side.

If Stewart is offered up, the Blues may be more willing to part with their top-10 selection.

To get the deal done, Carlton would then need to send pick No.5 to Greater Western Sydney, while the two clubs may also negotiate an exchange of later draft picks.

Marchbank has managed just seven games with the Giants since being selected with pick No.6 in the 2014 National Draft, due to an injury interrupted start to his career.


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    • GWS HAVE to offload players whether they like it or not to meet their 2017 salary cap requirements and their playing list is to be bought back inline with the rest of the Competition otherwise they will lose players and get nought for them and for sure they would like to get pick 5 but with SOS knowing their circumstances they aren’t in the driving seat.

      It will be interesting to see come next week how it all pans out !

    • Agreed. A 2017 2nd round pick will get the job done. Why would we give up a pick 5 for a guy who has barely played football in two years because of injuries and another guy who can’t get close to a game for GWS? What have either of them done at their time there to justify a top 5 pick? Ridiculous

    • Perhaps the old recruiting team would have given up the no. 5 pick this easily, but SOS at least has brains enough to know that they don’t grow on trees, and his intricate knowledge of GWS players that he originally drafted will enable him to broker a suitable deal

  1. there is nothing wrong with getting players from GWS … they have been given the draft for the last 5 years and have so many players surplus tor requirements its shown the AFL up for giving them too much … id be happy to trade Pick 5 for a 2-3 players (Marchbank, Strewart and Steele) and its a win for both clubs …

    • Gold Coast had the same concessions in the draft as well. Admittedly GWS have access to regions that play more AFL than further North. However, that being said both players in the article weren’t academy picks. Stewart was overlooked as f/s for the pies. They are both quality players, maybe not pick 5, but top 10 if bundled as a package.

    • The 2 player are worth pick 5 every day of the week carlton would have to swap there second round pick for giants 3rd to make it even
      Steele doesnt come into it he is worth a first rd pick alone

  2. Not worth Pick 5. Take it to the draft & pick a young star.
    Offer up a 2nd round pick this year + 3rd round next year for both players.
    Trade Graham to Brisbane / Gold Coast for 2nd / 3rd round pick this year. Everett to Gold Coast for early 2nd round.

  3. I think they want pick 5 to pass on to bombers for pick 1, I think the bombers will want picks 5 and 7 blues will want Tomlinson marchbank Stewart, I think it’s a real posabillity, gws wants a pick before setterfeild and perryman

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