REPORTS: Bulldog tours Collingwood facilities

Western Bulldogs youngster Lin Jong reportedly toured Collingwood facilities at the Holden Centre days before the Dogs’ narrow win over Sydney at the SCG last weekend.

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The Herald Sun has reported that the 23-year-old met with a Collingwood official in an after hours meeting last week as he weighs up his future.

The out of contract Bulldog has struggled to maintain his spot in the side this season, playing seven senior games.

The Western Bulldogs have reportedly tried to extend the youngster’s contract this season, but have been unable to agree to terms.

While a decision has not been made on his future, Jong is said to be considering looking for a new home if he continues to lack opportunities at senior level.

Jong was selected with pick No.9 in the 2009 Rookie Draft.


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  1. Imagine the up roar if it was the other way around and a out of contract Collingwood player toured the Bulldogs? Eddie would be going off his head

  2. Fuck off off Collingwood you always get most counts that are available I just hope for once you can get Fucked up the arse & don’t get your pics & I’m not even a bulldogs supporter but love the way the way they play so doggies if my team does nothing come finals you have my full support.end of the day Fuck Collingwood ha ha

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