MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 06: Sam Mitchell of the Hawks is held by Nathan Jones of the Demons after striking Melbourne forward Jack Watts and making contact to his face during the round 20 AFL match between the Melbourne Demons and the Hawthorn Hawks at Melbourne Cricket Ground on August 6, 2016 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images)

Round 20 MRP results

Hawthorn’s Sam Mitchell is free to play in this week’s clash with North Melbourne after being cleared for his hit on Melbourne’s Jack Watts during the Hawks’ loss to the Demons on Saturday afternoon.

The Match Review Panel said that the contact to Watts’ face was made with open hand rather than a fist.

Fellow Hawk Cyril Rioli has escaped also suspension, receiving a $1,000 fine for engaging in rough conduct on Melbourne’s Clayton Oliver.

Meanwhile, teammate James Sicily can accept a one game ban for striking Bernie Vince.

St Kilda’s Blake Acres can accept a $1,000 sanction for striking Carlton’s Matthew Kreuzer.

North Melbourne’s Jed Anderson can accept a $1,500 sanction for engaging in rough conduct on Lin Jong.

Sydney’s Luke Parker has been cleared by the MRP over his contact on Port Adelaide’s Chad Wingard.

The MRP decided that Parker was attempting to take possession of the ball when high contact was made, with his action deemed not a reportable offence.

Port’s Paul Stewart was also cleared over contact with Sydney’s Isaac Heeney, with the MRP deciding that high contact was caused “by circumstances outside of Stewart’s control”.


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    • I’m a supporter who wants consistency in MRP findings, regardless of the high profile nature of players such as rioli and Mitchell. Viney hit Ebert in the face with open palms and he rightly deserved a week. Mitchell did the same to a bloke on deck, and should’ve received the same penalty…

      So many one eyed Hawks supporters lurking around these pages.

    • So please explain why Rioli should have been rubbed out, both players head over the ball and No contact to the head, so many one eyed flog fans of other clubs lurking round pages that just can’t handle one teams continued success they have to come up with bs conspiracy theories, better charge the Hawks with JFKs assassination, heard from a friend of a friends girlfriends mother that supports the crows who’s still butthurt about losing round 5 that they may have been lurking around the grassy knoll

    • The fact that rioli copped a fine says it all. Was graded as high contact with low impact which is a joke, he would’ve knocked Oliver into next week if Oliver wasn’t such a tough kid. Bumps to the head get a fine now do they?

    • Watt was pushing off Mitchell because he was just dumped in a tackle and was being held on the ground. Mitchell then hit him in the face, hardly a comparable act?

    • Absolute crock of shit mate, seen alot less get suspended for. It wasn’t a push, it was a strike and i don’t see the difference between open hand or a clenched fist. Both can do equal damage. If it was Watts on Mitchell then it would be a suspension every day of the week.

  1. I’m surprised Cyril even got a fine.
    Beautiful hip and shoulder, straight down the middle. No head contact. Should be nothing?
    And I’m amazed Sam even got looked at.

  2. Why don’t the AFL stop wasting time and give the flag to Hawthorn now FFS. Both parties are starting look pathetic with all the help being given to Hawthorn.

  3. Tom Hawkins can legit wonder how it was he was suspended earlier in the year
    This MRP, and it’s clear Hawthorn favouritism, is a complete and utter joke
    I just wonder what Lindsay Thomas would have gotten for either Rioli or Mitchell’s actions?

  4. You cheating pricks! Jumper punches and tummy taps have got players rubbed out this year! It’s too obvious now something is going on between hawthorn and the afl!

    • Didn’t realise you can punch with an open hand now. So many people complain the afl is going soft and then have a whinge when players don’t get rubbed out for minor incidents just because they don’t like the player or the club

    • It’s because the only consistency that the afl show is towards the favouritism of one fucking club week in and week out and the entire community that love the game is sick of it! No I don’t think a player should get rubbed out for that but you know damn well if it were for a different club it would be a different outcome! That’s what everyone is sick of fucking cheats! No argument!

    • Pretty sure Sicily got a week. If it were favouritism I would reckon that piss weak hit in the face would be the first one to be thrown out. If he didn’t have a blood nose wouldn’t of even got looked at. Nigel is right in saying you don’t like the player or club just admit it 🙂

    • Haha your kidding. Did you see the article about who has had the most frees this year. Selwood first and Dangerfield fourth. Can guarantee that 80% of selwoods were ducking. That’s been going on for years. Hawks cheats yep

    • Now look who’s making it about a club they don’t like? Clear strike to the face on clear video and the mrp again say it’s ok when players get a game for a tap in the guts?!! Lol Yep something is obviously up no denying it and I know even you can see this one is bullshit

    • headfucked? Seeing a slow and decaying Hawthorn outrun, outmuscled, and run over by a steam train of kids? Seeing Gibson made look like an idiot by Watts time after time. Seeing hodge,Mitchell, Burgoyne, Lewis frustrated that time has passed then by? Seeing Viney run through the previous unstoppable midfield who couldnt match his toughness?Seeing Breust exposed as the jib he has always been, now the old fellas can’t raise a gallop to protect Him? No, rapt is more like it. Have been a great team, but that’s history now. Bye bye Hawthorn.

    • See your anger and bitterness? That is headfucked. For what it is worth Melbourne deserved to win and I enjoyed watching it, but bitching about umpires and mrp is utterly pafhetic

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