Port Adelaide vs Geelong

The Cats clinched a huge win over their fellow premiership contenders on Thursday night thanks to a dominant display from attacking pair Jeremy Cameron and Tom Hawkins.

Tom Stewart was instrumental from the back for Geelong, while Connor Rozee was a standout for the Power.

Ed Carmine: 5. T Stewart, 4. J Cameron, 3. M Duncan, 2. C Rozee, 1. G Rohan
Mitch Keating: 5. T Stewart, 4. J Cameron, 3. T Hawkins, 2. C Rozee, 1. O Wines
Ed Lemmo: 5. T Stewart, 4. J Cameron, 3. C Rozee, 2. M Duncan, 1. O Wines
Nick Splitter: 5. J Cameron, 4. T Stewart, 3. C Rozee, 2. O Wines, 1. G Rohan

Sydney vs Hawthorn

The Hawks caused an upset in Sydney, handing the Swans a shock loss in front of their home crowd.

Changkuoth Jiath was phenomenal for the Victorians, while Tom Mitchell was dominant against his former side.

Ed Carmine: 5. C Jiath, 4. T Mitchell, 3. J Ceglar, 2. D Rampe, 1. C Mills
Mitch Keating: 5. C Jiath, 4. T Mitchell, 3. J Ceglar, 2. C Mills, 1. B McEvoy
Ed Lemmo: 5. T Mitchell, 4. C Jiath, 3. D Rampe, 2. C Mills, 1. T Phillips
Nick Splitter: 5. T Mitchell, 4. J Ceglar, 3. D Rampe, 2. C Jiath, 1. C Mills

Fremantle vs Gold Coast

The Dockers were emphatic against the hapless Suns, coming away with a strong win on Saturday afternoon.

Sean Darcy put in a career-best performance to lead his side over the line.

Ed Carmine: 5. S Darcy, 4. T Miller, 3. A Brayshaw, 2. J Aish, 1. A Pearce
Mitch Keating: 5. S Darcy, 4. L Ryan, 3. T Miller, 2. D Mundy, 1. A Brayshaw
Ed Lemmo: 5. S Darcy, 4. A Brayshaw, 3. T Miller, 2. L Ryan, 1. D Mundy
Nick Splitter: 5. S Darcy, 4. L Ryan, 3. T Miller, 2. J Aish, 1. D Mundy

St Kilda vs Adelaide

The Crows won in an absolute thriller thanks to rookie forward Riley Thilthorpe's stunning match-winning goal in the dying stages of the game.

The Saints gave up a strong lead in the second-half to continue their 2021 woes.

Ed Carmine: 5. J Steele, 4. R Sloane, 3. B Keays, 2. B Crouch, 1. R Thilthorpe
Mitch Keating: 5. R Laird, 4. J Steele, 3. B Keays, 2. R Thilthorpe, 1. D Howard
Ed Lemmo: 5. J Steele, 4. B Keays, 3. R Thilthorpe, 2. B Crouch, 1. J Sinclair
Nick Splitter: 5. J Steele, 4. B Crouch, 3. R Sloane, 2. B Keays, 1. D Howard

North Melbourne vs Greater Western Sydney

The Kangaroos and Giants put together a stunning four-quarters for the neutral as the game ended as a draw.

Josh Kelly had a day out, while Aaron Hall continues to have a strong campaign.

Ed Carmine: 5. J Kelly, 4. A Hall, 3. J Simpkin, 2. T Taranto, 1. B Cunnington
Mitch Keating: 5. J Kelly, 4. B Cunnington, 3. A Hall, 2. N Haynes, 1. J Simpkin
Ed Lemmo: 5. J Kelly, 4. J Simpkin, 3. A Hall, 2. T Taranto, 1. B Cunnington
Nick Splitter: 5. J Kelly, 4. B Cunnington, 3. A Hall, 2. T Greene, 1. T Goldstein

West Coast vs Richmond

Josh Kennedy was all class to boot a match-winner in the final moments of the match and edge out the reigning premiers.

Nic Naitanui was at his brilliant best, while Dustin Martin and Kane Lambert were able to impact the scoreboard from midfield for the Tigers.

Ed Carmine: 5. N Naitanui, 4. J Kennedy, 3. J Redden, 2. D Martin, 1. L Edwards
Mitch Keating: 5. N Naitanui, 4. J Redden, 3. J Kennedy, 2. K Lambert, 1. L Edwards
Ed Lemmo: 5. J Redden, 4. S Hurn, 3. D Martin, 2. S Bolton, 1. A Gaff
Nick Splitter: 5. N Naitanui, 4. J Kennedy, 3. D Martin, 2. N Vlastuin, 1. E Yeo

Melbourne vs Collingwood

The Magpies got the job done in Nathan Buckley's final game as coach, with Scott Pendlebury winning best-afield honours in the Queen's Birthday clash.

Brayden Maynard and Jordan De Goey played major roles in handing the table-toppers a loss.

Ed Carmine: 5. B Maynard, 4. S Pendlebury, 3. D Cameron, 2. L Jackson, 1. J De Goey
Mitch Keating: 5. B Maynard, 4. S Pendlebury, 3. J De Goey, 2. C Salem, 1. D Cameron
Ed Lemmo: 5. J De Goey, 4. B Maynard, 3. C Petracca, 2. D Cameron, 1. L Jackson
Nick Splitter: 5. S Pendlebury, 4. D Cameron, 3. B Maynard, 2. M Gawn, 1. J De Goey