Saints great Lenny Hayes has been inducted into the AFL Hall of Fame (Image: ABC)

“Who is the modern day Lenny Hayes?” – that is the question Melbourne great Garry Lyon put to Essendon legend Tim Watson on SEN Breakfast this morning.

Hayes was inducted into the AFL Hall of Fame on Monday night, who will go down as one of most loved and respected players by supporters of all clubs.

So who is the Hayes in modern footy? The player universally loved by all fans for the way they go about it…

“Loved by everyone and loved by opposition supporters too which begs the question … who is the modern day Lenny Hayes?” Lyon said.

“The modern day Lenny Hayes is a player who plays for the opposition who you never boo, you just love, not even begrudgingly love, you openly share your admiration for that player.

Watson put forward Blues superstar Patrick Cripps. The Carlton co-captain is one of the fiercest competitors in the league, who always goes about his work with a smile on his face.

Watson believes Cripps is the most relatable current player to Hayes.

“I’ll give you one nomination, right now Patrick Cripps is in a similar mould to Lenny Hayes,” Watson said.

“Fans love the guys that just compete. Often they’re the ones who have nothing to say, they just go out there and compete week in, week out and give everything that they have.”