In this age of full-time professionalism, AFL football has become an exceptionally stats-conscious game.

Across the course of a season, a game, a quarter or even a contest, you can rack them up: kicks, handballs, goals, behinds, clearances and even clangers.

And while every single one of these statistics becomes vital information to AFL coaches across the nation - not to mention fantasy coaches, trying to one-up their mates every week throughout winter - they also act as terrific conduits to the past

It is why punters are so prone to comparing players across eras, as, for the most part, they have the stats to compare what may at first seem like apples and oranges.

But how do the current-day crop players rank against the greats of the past?

And how many of today's stars are within touching distance of statistically reigning supreme, and which records are unlikely to ever be broken?

Of course, several records are already owned by contemporary faces, such as Scott Pendlebury, Todd Goldstein and Harris Andrews, however, there is an array of other players who are on the statistical precipice of immortality.

From games played to goals scored, here are the AFL players who are best-placed all-time AFL records.



Scott Pendlebury – 383*
49 behind leader

Brent Harvey – 432 – North Melbourne – 1996-2016
Michael Tuck – 426 – Hawthorn – 1972-1991
Shaun Burgoyne – 407 – Port Adelaide/Hawthorn – 2002-2021
Kevin Bartlett – 403 – Richmond – 1965-1983
Dustin Fletcher – 400 – Essendon – 1993-2015