Image: Media week

Port Adelaide champion Kane Cornes has listed his five trades "clubs would like back" from the last three years on SEN Breakfast. 

Jesse Hogan heads the list, who got traded from Melbourne to Fremantle in 2018 for pick 6 which they received from Brisbane for Lachie Neale and also pick 23 for Jesse Hogan.

Freo would almost certainly be ruing that decision after recent events. Hogan played 12 games in his first season with the Dockers and there are reports surfacing that he may never play for the club again, while Neale has gone on to become an All-Australian at the Lions.

Cornes has also listed Steven May, who the Suns traded to Melbourne along with Kade Kolodjashnij for pick 6.

According to Cornes, May was a problem from the moment he walked into the club due to injuries and other ailments, while Gold Coast used the pick 6 on exciting young forward, Ben King.

"We know what a disaster Steven May was for Melbourne from the minute he basically walked into the place, and to rub salt into that wound, Gold Coast used that pick No.6 to select one of the most exciting young key forwards in the game - Ben King.

May, 28, still has four years remaining on his contract valued at around $800,000 per season.

A trade Cornes believes Gold Coast will regret is acquiring Lachie Weller from Fremantle for their pick number 2 in 2017.

Weller has been handy for the Suns, but Cornes questioned the decision to trade such a prized pick.

"Weller is a handy citizen, he’s a foot solider … but pick No.2? Goes to show how desperate the situation is on the Gold Coast."

Dayne Beams and Bryce Gibbs round out Cornes' list.

In 2018, Collingwood traded picks 18, 56 and a future third-rounder to Brisbane for Dayne Beams and picks number 41 and 44.

Beams has only played the nine games for the Pies and could never play again, currently on his second leave of absence from the club for mental health reasons.

In 2017, Adelaide traded picks 10, 16 and 73 to the Blues for Bryce Gibbs and a future third-rounder.

Cornes believes the Crows wouldn't mind a take back on that deal looking back on it now.

"Gibbs is going to be 31 by Round 1 this year, we know he was dropped four times last year, he’s got two years left on a deal that’s worth about $600,000 a year. They’d like to have that one back."