Former North Melbourne president James Brayshaw has declared that the West Coast Eagles are the biggest and richest club in the AFL.

He also said that the Eagles could be at a major disadvantage as the AFL announced on Tuesday that football departments will be reduced by 40 per cent, with only 25 staff permitted for the rest of the season.

The AFL wants all the clubs to have the same number of staff to make it an even playing field, however, Brayshaw believes that the Eagles should not be in the discussions compared to the rest of the clubs.

“Everyone talks about Richmond and Collingwood being the biggest clubs in the competition, they’ve got no idea,” Brayshaw told Sportsday WA.

“West Coast are by that far the biggest team in our competition it doesn’t matter. They’ve got more money times 10 than any other club.

“They don’t need the AFL’s money. They’ve got enough of it.

“So (the Eagles could) go and say ‘why should our footy department be cut along with everyone else’s when we haven’t got our hand out for money’?”