MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 20: Jesse Hogan of the Demons kicks during the round 22 AFL match between the Melbourne Demons and the Brisbane Lions at Melbourne Cricket Ground on August 20, 2017 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images)

Former Bulldogs and Richmond coach Terry Wallace jumped on SEN on Thursday and shared his thoughts on how Essendon, Port Adelaide and Melbourne will go this season.

In his calculations, Wallace factors in games he believes that team will definitely win or lose, along with the 50-50 affairs.

Following Plough’s predictions, we’ve decided to add our own in predictions in below them.

Who do you think is closer to the mark?


Terry Wallace: 11 wins

“Locked and guaranteed to win seven, locked to lose eight, which has seven games in sway. Where I sat with that was I gave them 11 wins.”

Zero Hanger: 11 wins 

We locked them in to win eight games and lose eight games. Six games could go either way, based mainly off the fact that it is still very questionable how well Jake Stringer, Devon Smith and Adam Saad will fit into the team. If they win half of their 50/50 games, it leaves them with 11 wins.

Port Adelaide

Terry Wallace: 13 wins

“I had them on 10 guaranteed wins, obviously the home ground advantage there. I only have them for five guaranteed losses, which means I had seven other games. I have them on a win ratio of 13, which should get them to play finals.

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Zero Hanger: 14 wins:

We have them at 11 guaranteed wins, four losses, which leaves them with seven 50/50 games that could go either way. If they can win three or four of their 50/50 games, they could be pushing for a top four position. 14 wins for the season should be a thereabout total, which will see them play finals footy.


Terry Wallace: 13 wins

“I had them on 10 guaranteed wins, six guaranteed losses and six 50/50. So they were also on 13.”

Zero Hanger: 16 wins 

We have them winning 11 games, eight guaranteed losses and two 50/50 games. If Melbourne want to be the real deal this season they need to start beating the teams at the top of the table to send a genuine message to the rest of the competition. If they win both of the 50/50 games, a 13-win season awaits. They should be floating around the 5th-8th position come season’s end.