Almost 80 of the AFL's 2023 class of delistings have already found new homes for next year across the VFL, WAFL, SANFL, NTFL, QAFL, local leagues or even via new chances in the AFL.

Eight players cut from their clubs last year have earned lifelines through either delisted free agency, the Rookie Draft or the Supplemental Selection Period, with the latter window potentially seeing a further four earn new chances as they train for list spots.

Orazio Fantasia (joined Carlton), Jeremy Sharp (Fremantle), Emerson Jeka (Geelong), Jack Mahony (Gold Coast), Riley Bonner (St Kilda) and Lachie Bramble (Western Bulldogs) are among those who have returned to the AFL for the coming season with new clubs after being delisted this off-season.

VFL club Port Melbourne has been among the busiest clubs for landing departed AFL talent, already signing eight players out of the top flight for 2024.

27 delisted AFL players have landed in the VFL, with the SANFL and WAFL having 12 each so far.

Rhys Mathieson during the round 22 AFL match between St Kilda and Brisbane on August 12, 2022 (Photo by Cameron Grimes / Zero Digital Media)

As many as seven delisted players have already featured in the NTFL 2023-24 season and are likely to find further new clubs for the winter season.

Ex-Brisbane midfielder Rhys Mathieson has linked up with QAFL club Wilston Grange following his stint with Darwin.

As many as 14 delisted players have made the immediate move to local level football, including former Western Bulldogs pair Toby McLean (Old Ivanhoe) and Hayden Crozier (Surfers Paradise).

Here's where 77 recently delisted AFL players are set to play in 2024...

AFL (8)

Orazio Fantasia - Carlton
Jeremy Sharp - Fremantle
Emerson Jeka - Geelong
Jack Mahony - Gold Coast
Riley Bonner - St Kilda
Lachie Bramble - Western Bulldogs
Patrick Voss - Fremantle
Jack Bytel - Collingwood (Training)

SANFL (12)

Tariek Newchurch - North Adelaide
Arlo Draper - South Adelaide
Cooper Murley - Norwood
Alastair Lord - Norwood
Josh Morris - Woodville-West Torrens
Nathan Barkla - Woodville-West Torrens
Will Snelling - Sturt
Cody Raak - North Adelaide
Flynn Perez - Sturt
Cameron Fleeton - Woodville-West Torrens
Will Gould - Glenelg
Oscar Adams - Glenelg

VFL (27)

Jackson Hately - Essendon
Flynn Kroeger - Port Melbourne
Cooper Whyte - Werribee
Xavier O'Neill - Essendon
Robbie McComb - Port Melbourne
Lachie Young - Carlton
Sam Philp - Port Melbourne
Brodie McLaughlin - Williamstown
Lachie Rankin - Port Melbourne
Hugo Hall-Kahan - Sandringham
Marc Sheather - GWS
Kye Turner - Port Melbourne
Deakyn Smith - North Melbourne
Rhett Montgomerie - Footscray
Trent Bianco - Footscray
Osca Riccardi - Geelong
Blake Coleman - Williamstown
Roarke Smith - Port Melbourne
Thomas Highmore - Port Melbourne
Deakyn Smith - North Melbourne
Tyler Brown - Box Hill
Aiden Bonar - Williamstown
Kaelan Bradtke - Geelong
Jack Peris - Essendon
Will Kelly - Sydney
Ned Long - Collingwood
Daniel McKenzie - Port Melbourne

WAFL (12)

Trey Ruscoe - West Coast
Eric Benning - Claremont
Nathan Wilson - Peel Thunder
Charlie Constable - Perth
Jake Pasini - Swan Districts
Greg Clark - Subiaco
Luke Foley - Subiaco
Connor West - West Perth
Isiah Winder - South Fremantle
Jason Gillbee - West Coast
Sam Simpson - Perth
Brynn Teakle - East Fremantle

NTFL (7)

Ryan Clarke - Waratah
Jed Anderson - Southern Districts
Blake Coleman - Darwin
Rhys Mathieson - Darwin
Lochie O'Brien - PINT
Anthony Munkara - Waratah
Phoenix Spicer - Darwin

QAFL (1)

Rhys Mathieson - Wilston Grange Gorillas

Local Football (14)

Fergus Greene - Sandhurst
Jacob Edwards - Cheltenham
Tim O'Brien - Doncaster East
Kayne Turner - Balwyn
Leo Connolly - De La Salle
Josh Honey - Keilor
Hayden Crozier - Surfers Paradise
Anthony Munkara - Warragul Industrials
Lochie O'Brien - Wangaratta
Jed Anderson - Hoppers Crossing
Daniel Howe - Yarrawonga
Toby McLean - Old Ivanhoe
James Stewart - Uni Blues
Sam Hayes - Uni Blues

Other (1)

Fionn O'Hara - Gaelic Football