The AFL umpires department have reportedly ticked off an incident after the final siren during Sydney’s win over Essendon on Friday night.

Bomber David Myers had the chance to win the game for the visitors after the siren, with a set shot from beyond 50m.

While Myers was lining up, Swans co-captain Dane Rampe climbed the goal post, only to get down when umpire Andrew Gianfagna asked him to.

According to, the umpiring department was happy with Gianfagna’s two warnings to Rampe to get down, and believe the incident didn’t have an effect on Myers’ kick.

The incident was picked up post-game, and drew the interest of experts due to the following in Rule 17.11.

“A Free Kick shall be awarded against a Player or Official who intentionally shakes a goal or behind post (either before or after a Player has disposed of the football).”

If the free kick was awarded, Myers would have been able to take the shot from the centre of the goal line, which would have won the Bombers the game.

AFL umpires boss Hayden Kennedy reviewed the incident after the game on Friday night, and believes the right action was taken during the moment.