An emotional Adam Treloar has opened up on the "shitstorm" year that saw him leave the Holden Centre and head west to Whitten Oval.

Treloar was traded to the Bulldogs in the final moments of last year's exchange window, with the now former Magpies star onballer headlining the early off-season due to the peculiar circumstances of his departure.

Reports had emerged that Collingwood coach Nathan Buckley discussed with Treloar his beliefs that his performance at the club would be hampered by his partner, Australian netball star Kim Ravaillion, departing interstate after joining Super Netball side the Queensland Firebirds.

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Rumours had also surfaced stating players at Collingwood wanted Treloar gone, with a toxic exit coming after much speculation surrounding the 28-year-old's future at the club.

In a recent interview on Fox Sports' AFL 360Treloar labelled the way he left the Magpies as disappointing and spoke on the motivation he was able to absorb from Ravaillion during a difficult time in the pair's respective careers.

“You‘re gonna start making me cry, and I don’t wanna cry,” Treloar said.

“Just disappointed, you know, because I throughout all of last year - Kim being pregnant, and going through everything she went through with her own mental health.

“She took time away from the game before the pregnancy and fell out of love with netball, and then became pregnant and really appreciated the game again and really pushed herself to get back. I watched that closely and from afar, and it was just motivating, and I absolutely loved it. It’s what pushed me through every day and got me through the hub, being able to see Kim and my daughter.

Western Bulldogs Training Session
MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - JANUARY 13: Adam Treloar of the Bulldogs in action during a Western Bulldogs AFL training session at Whitten Oval on January 13, 2021 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Daniel Pockett/Getty Images)

“And then for it to get turned on her, the whole re-signing at Queensland, coming back and being able to now train and play in a couple of months at the highest level. To have that used against her and turned into a story with me, that was probably the most hurtful thing, because the story it should’ve been was this incredible woman who sacrificed her body for nine months to have Georgie and not play at the professional level, to then make a comeback and sign for a club where she’s wanted to play for for such a long time.

“For her to do that and for that message to get missed was really, really challenging for me.”

Treloar did reveal there was some positives to take out of what has been a difficult past few months.

“My maturity over the last two to three months has definitely grown in spades. Not that I‘m immature, but I’m a big kid at heart, and I’m pretty naive to a lot of things,” Treloar said.

“I was definitely naive to think that I was untouchable in a way. Which I never thought that, but I had a five-year contract, I was contracted to the footy club, I didn’t think I was going to have to move on.

“In my mind, it’s made footy more of a business, and it is a business at the end of the day. If the club wants you to move on, they’ll do anything they can to move you on, and I well and truly experienced that.”

Treloar is set to face his former side on Friday night in what will be his first game in the blue, red and white.