MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - JULY 01: Hannah Mouncey of Darebin handpasses the ball during the round 8 VFLW match between Williamstown and Darebin at Williamstown Football Ground on July 1, 2018 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Daniel Pockett/AFL Media/Getty Images)

Transgender footballer Hannah Mouncey is prepared to take legal action against the AFL to play first-grade football in Canberra.

Mouncey confirmed on Twitter last night that she will begin legal proceedings against the league and its Gender Diversity Policy unless she is granted the opportunity to play top-level football in Canberra.

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Mouncey previously made an attempt to play AFLW, but now has no interest in playing in the league.

Currently, Mouncey is allowed to play AFL Canberra Second Grade, but said that it would be unfair to other players for an AFLW or VFLW player to play at that level.

Mouncey hopes that her actions will help the transgender community receive respect in the sporting community.

“I and many others have sat back and watched as racism is shouted down, sexism is shouted down; as society and the wider sporting community makes it clear that neither are acceptable in 2021,” Mouncey tweeted.

“In the age where all manner of abuse is called out the moment is it seen or heard, transphobia it seems largely goes unchecked.

This is not ok, the message it sends to trans adults and kids all around the world is not ok and to not take action when it is so obviously needed is not ok either.”