With the AFL season almost upon us, it’s time to grab your mates and join Superbru, to find out who is the greatest tipster of them all.

Superbru is a tipping platform currently used by over 80,000 Australians and is quick and easy to play both on desktop and mobile, with a user-friendly app housing all your competitions in one place.

Here at Zero Hanger, we believe we’ve got some of the most knowledgeable football brains in the business, but this is now your turn to compete with the best.

You can set up your own competition and challenge friends to become the ultimate tipster, but you can also join Zero Hanger’s tipping competition, to try and beat AFL lovers from around the country, including our very own Zero Tipper (you can try, but we think we’ll win).

Superbru is tipping with a twist, as players must tip the margin for every game, which allows for added scoring differentiation, and let’s face it, added fun between you and your mates.

To join the Zero Hanger tipping family, sign up and click here to join our Zero Hanger pool, and try your hand at beating our celebrity tipsters!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now!