Throughout the final years of the 1990s, AFL clubs across the land looked backwards rather than forward, with selectors, historians and superstars converging to name their Teams of the 20th Century.

So, as we near the quarter-time mark of the 21st century, what better time to run the rule on which players are likely to feature when the selectors of tomorrow get together in several decades' time?

While every club has an array of deadset legends that can be called on, we here at Zero Hanger have employed the following rules of selection:

  • Only statistics recorded and achievements accrued since the start of the 2000 AFL season will be acknowledged.
  • Any player selected must have played at least 100 senior games for their respective club since the start of the 2000 AFL season.

First up, we head to West Lakes to catalogue the crème de la crème of the Adelaide Football Club.


10. Tyson Edwards (2000-2010)

240 games, 21.8 disposals per game, 75 Brownlow votes, 0.3 votes per game

Never the straw that stirred Adelaide's drink, but never the weak link either, Edwards toiled hard for the Crows, season after season, despite never earning his just desserts on awards night.

A favourite of fans and most teammates alike, Edwards was the kind of player you wanted in the trenches beside you.

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