Due to the popularity of football, Australians have established their league. The Australian Football Competition, or AFL, is the name given to the competition most often. Other local terms for the league are Footy and Aussie Rules. The AFL has a strong sports culture since various sports have impacted it. 

Australia is where AFL originated and later rose to prominence as a national sport there. Two teams, each consisting of 22 AFL players, compete in it, albeit only 18 players from each team participate. Like the All-Australian squad, there are omissions from this list of the top players (ranked). Here is the ultimate AFL champion's first choice. 

Patrick Cripps

Even with a Brownlow Medal, you can't get first-row seats. Following a disappointing pair of seasons in 2020 and 2021, people started to question if Carlton's captain was the best player on his team—forget the opposition! His season-long play last year answered that question and propelled him back up the player rankings. Cripps was never bad at winning the ball throughout the game; he was always in the top five clearances and contested possessions. However, he developed into a far more well-rounded player last season. With 20 majors and more uncontested balls than ever before (13 per game), he had a career-best goal-kicking season. It's unbelievable that in Cripps' 159 games, there have been no finals.

Taylor Walker

To have predicted that Walker would score 76 goals in 2023 and be in the running for the Coleman Medal right up to the very last game of the season would have earned you the biggest laugh of the day. However, when he carried out his incredible comeback, the famous Crow accomplished precisely that. 

Walker's first All-Australian Blazer was awarded to him due to his goal total, fourth-most scoring involvements, and fifth-most marks among forwards. However, his kicking truly sets him apart from many of his contemporaries in this game. When rating the points he scored while using the ball, he was ranked #1 as well.

Darcy Moore

The athletic Moore, one of the league's best defenders, is still a rock for Collingwood. Moore is not simply capable of playing the extreme lock-down position (he ranks No. 2 in the previous five years for the fewest losses in one-on-one contests), as he is as effective as any defender in the league when given more freedom. It is in no way meant as a criticism of former Magpies coach Nathan Buckley, but Moore is flourishing under the current management because he is well-matched to Craig McRae's style of play. Moore recorded the fourth-most one-percenters and the third-most intercept possessions during the previous campaign. 

Christian Petracca

The AFL's best player, ladies and gentlemen! After Petracca's exploits in the 2021 Grand Final. He can score goals and create scoring opportunities more than any other midfielder when he presses forward; in the previous season, he was second in the league for score involvements and to get the live football score you can visit score.io and first for direct goal assists, only behind Tom Hawkins

Petracca's statistics over the last 24 months have averaged 28 disposals, 12 total clearances, inside 50s, 500m gained, and a goal per game. To put things in perspective, Dustin Martin was 27, 12, 460 meters, and 1.4 goals a game in his prime (2017–18), when he was unquestionably the best player. Petracca kicked 29.19 the year before, but 19.31 last season. Like with Martin, few will contest Petracca's ranking if he can combine his 2021 goal-kicking form with his 2022 output.

Charlie Curnow

Some may claim that the two-time Coleman Medal winner is now the sport's unquestioned finest player. Who knows, maybe a strong finals effort may push him over the edge.

Curnow led the league in goals scored with 78 this season, 14 more than in 2022, and he was the only player to score a goal in each of the league's 23 games. On 13 instances, he scored at least three goals, while on six occasions, he scored at least five. With the most contested marks, second-most scoring involvements, and the fourth-best overall kick rating in the league, Curnow concluded the home and away season with these stats. What portion is the scariest? He is still only twenty-six years old!

Nick Daicos

Even though he missed the final three home and away games, he had possibly the best sophomore campaign in AFL history. He still has a solid opportunity to win the Brownlow Medal, which would be a historically rare feat in the contemporary era.

After defeating the defending champions Geelong in Round 1, Daicos made no excuses about entering the genuine elite of the tournament. During the first half of the season, Daicos averaged just under 37 disposals and one goal per contest. Amazing material! He averaged the second-most disposals and the sixth-most meters gained among midfielders at the end of the season. Daicos was third in the league in the area, behind only Walker and Curnow, with 7.4 rating points per game from his ball use.

Marcus Bontempelli 

The longer the season lasted, the more improved 'the Bont' appeared. Although his team could not reach September, the Bulldogs captain did his share and made a strong case for becoming the greatest football player in the league. As the AFLPA's most valuable player and finest captain last month, Bontempelli will start the Brownlow Medal race as the co-favorite with Daicos.

Bontempelli ended with the most disputed possessions in the league. Among midfielders, he placed third for yards gained, fourth for tackles, and third for clearances. At 27.65 disposals per game on average this season, it was also his best in raw disposals. It's hard to argue with Champion Data's rating points, which place him as the game's best player.

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One of the most well-liked sports in Australia is the Australian Football League or AFL. Its muscular, fast-paced action has helped it amass a sizable fan base over time. AFL players are adored by fans and enthusiasts since they are regarded as some of the most gifted and athletic athletes. The AFL has a long history, and renowned players like Gary Ablett, Leigh Matthews, and Kevin Bartlett are among its alumni. Numerous players have gained national recognition and become household names throughout the years.