St Kilda is set to undergo a major review of its football department in order to turn around it's fortunes.

Club Chairman Andrew Bassett will lead the review in hopes of establishing of a winning culture at Moorabbin.

Last month, Bassett said on the club's website the review is about acknowledging the supporters' frustrations and "challenging all elements of our organisation."

The Saints have already undergone a change, with Chief Operating Officer Simon Lethlean replacing the departing CEO Matt Finnis after eight years at the helm.

Speaking on Channel 9's Footy Classified, Senior Football Journalist Caroline Wilson says there will be more changes.

"The review is being overseen by Andrew Bassat," Wilson began.

"He organised the review that brought in the recently sacked North Melbourne Coach David Noble to help him.

"Simon Lethlean is also reviewing the football department he's just left.

"My understanding is there is going to be a major restructure of the football department.

"Currently, David Rath and James Gallagher are sharing two key footy roles. James Gallagher I think is moving back to South Australia but wants to stay on as list manager, David Rath more the high performance (role), but a senior figure is going to be appointed as head of football over those two men.

"I wish I could tell you who it was but I think it's going to be a reasonably big name and big story when it is announced.

"The president is sort of sick of mediocrity would be my way of summing it up."

After finding themselves in the top four with an 8-3 start, the wheels completely fell off for the Saints, only winning three of its final eleven games to finish 10th.

St Kilda has only made finals twice in the last decade, with its only win coming in the 2020 elimination final against the Western Bulldogs.

The side from Linton Street were, once again, foisted with the league's longest premiership drought following Melbourne's 2021 successes.

The Saints have not hailed a flag since 1966 and are set to ring in their 150th season of existence in 2023.