MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 19: Sports scientist Stephen Dank walks out of the Melbourne Federal Court on September 19, 2014 in Melbourne, Australia. Justice John Middleton was today scheduled to deliver his verdict on the case against ASADA by the Essendon Bombers FC. Essendon challenged the joint AFL-ASADA investigation into the alleged use of banned substances at the club. (Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images)

Stephen Dank’s appeal hearing adjourned following no show

Controversial sports scientist Stephen Dan’s appeal to overturn his ban has been adjourned after he failed to show at the hearing.

Dank, who was banned for life from working in any sport in Australia or overseas by the AFL anti-doping tribunal due to his part in Essendon’s 2012 supplements regime, was due to have his case heard at AFL House on Monday.

However, Dank failed to appear at the hearing, with the AFL and ASADA calling for the case to be thrown out.

He has sought an adjournment due to a family member being in hospital with a life threatening health condition.

Dank has until November 26 to prove to the Appeal’s Board there was indeed a family emergency or his case will be dismissed, with the AFL and ASADA stating Dank has run out of chances.

“There is no court in the state that would’ve tolerated the way in which Dank has conducted this case and himself throughout this process,” AFL counsel said.

“I don’t think anyone from this bar table was surprised to receive yesterday’s email. I checked my emails … waiting for the 11th hour request to adjourn this appeal again. It arrived on Sunday morning.

“I don’t think anyone at this table really expected Mr Dank to prosecute his appeal. He’s done just enough every time to keep it alive.

“It is time to bring this process to an end. Everyone involved – including the players, are entitled to some finality.”

If Dank’s appeal does eventuate, it will now commence on November 30 and he will be permitted to call witnesses and plead his case to the board.