The St Kilda FC have confirmed two list changes ahead of the AFL list deadline.

Defenders Darragh Joyce and Oscar Clavarino will remain in the red white and black for the 2021 season, with the duo joining the rookie list on Wednesday.

Clubs are allowed to move players on to their rookie list immediately without having to wait for the AFL Rookie Draft thanks to the new rules introduced by the league.

“There have been some incredibly hard decisions we’ve been forced to make this season, but we’re glad to be able to retain Darragh and Oscar for next season,” Head of List Management James Gallagher said.

“We believe Darragh’s voice and ability to play both ends, as well as Oscar’s intercept work, are qualities that will benefit our list moving forward”

Joyce has played five senior games for the Saints, while Clavarino is yet to make his debut since being drafted in 2017.

The pair join Callum Wilkie and re-signed ruckman Sam Alabakis on the Saints’ rookie list.