Retired GWS ruckman Shane Mumford has nominated for the 2021 National Draft.

Mumford retired at the end of 2017 due to injury and sat out the 2018 season, before returning to the Giants from 2019-2021.

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However, this time won't be like the other, with Mumford not looking to return to the AFL but instead nominating so that if the Giants have an issue with their ruck stocks next year he would be eligible to join them at the mid-season rookie draft according to reporter Cal Twomey.

Under current draft rules, if a player has not nominated for the previous year's draft (and been accessible to all teams), they cannot then be selected by their original club again in the mid-season draft.

Mumford will enter an off-field role at the Giants, working in a number of areas, including mentoring the club's ruck department.

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The Giants aren't committed to selecting Mumford in the pre-season draft, but the nomination allows them to realistically ponder the idea if they suffered an injury crisis with their big men.

Mumford is one of a number of former AFL players to have nominated for the draft.