As we continue to build up to the big dance on Saturday.

As team selection looks to settle, we've looked to combine the predicted sides for the weekend. What exactly would that look like? Who makes it in the combined best 23? Who doesn't?

All is revealed with our combined best 23-man team for this weekend's Grand Final.


1. Defenders

FB: Brayden Maynard (Coll), Harris Andrews (BL), Isaac Quaynor (Coll)

Our back three starts with the barometer in defence for Collingwood in Maynard. His form over the finals to 'poke the bear' earns him a spot. Whilst his numbers aren't fancy, his pressure acts are up with 16.5 per game. His off-the-ball work frustrates his opponent giving himself more freedom. Harris Andrews leads the back three thanks to his exceptional intercept and spoiling game. With around seven intercepts and nine spoils per game, it's pretty hard to argue if someone else should be in that role. Quaynor has flown under the radar with his intercept game. Ranked top 20 in the league and second best among Collingwood defenders earns him this spot.

HB: Nick Daicos (Coll), Darcy Moore (Coll), Keidean Coleman (BL)

The revelation of Nick Daicos has been incredible to watch, especially knowing that he is still just beginning his career. His skills off half-back are exceptional and have proven to be an important piece of the puzzle that was sorely missed during his injury. Moore has been a top defender for McRae's side, another strong interceptor with a role that is similar to Andrews', but his history with moving forward is the reason he has been named on the half-back line. Coleman has been a star for the Lions, perhaps one of the cleanest ball users in the game currently. He is not afraid to take the game on through the middle and will hit any kick even if it seems impossible.