St Kilda
16.12 (108)
12.13 (85)
Etihad Stadium


Fresh off a massive win over Hawthorn in Tasmania, the Saints will face GWS on Friday night.

The Giants will also be confident, after knocking off the reigning premiers last weekend.

Both sides have very strong forward lines, although GWS will miss suspended star forward, Toby Greene. Their are talks that St Kilda will bring in Paddy McCartin for this clash, bolstering their size up front even more.

This means the performance of the back six could decide the fate of each side. Some Saints defenders, such as Dylan Roberton, are having career seasons, while the win-loss record of the Giants speaks for itself.

If the highly competitive and tenacious St Kilda come to play, then we will have a serious game on our hands. In saying this, GWS look to have found their groove, and are likely to take the four points.

Tip: GWS by 24

Team Line-Ups

IN Nathan Wright
OUTMaverick Weller
IN S. Coniglio, Phil Davis, H. Himmelberg
OUTSam Reid, Nick Haynes, Toby Greene
FB 14 Jarryn Geary 22 Nathan Brown 29 Jimmy Webster
FF 5 Devon Smith 20 Adam Tomlinson 18 Jeremy Cameron
HB 16 Jack Newnes 2 Jake Carlisle 17 Dylan Roberton
HF 17 Steve Johnson 37 Rory Lobb 2 Jacob Hopper
C 12 Nick Riewoldt 25 Koby Stevens 11 Leigh Montagna
C 14 Nathan Wilson 8 Callan Ward 9 Tom Scully
HF 4 Jade Gresham 27 Josh Bruce 15 Jack Billings
HB 3 S. Coniglio 1 Phil Davis 27 H. Himmelberg
FF 34 Nathan Wright 28 Tim Membrey 35 Jack Sinclair
FB 29 Zac Williams 35 Aidan Corr 23 Heath Shaw
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Team Stats

389 Disposals 391
155 Contested Possessions 143
216 Kicks 194
173 Handballs 197
22 Free Kicks 10
49 Clearances 38
15 Centre Clearances 12
34 Stoppages 26
57 Inside 50 46
84 Marks 74
10 Marks in 50 11
7 Contested Marks 3
87 Tackles 78
49 Hit-Outs 45

Player Stats

St Kilda Saints

Billy Longer44148142
Blake Acres1310238132
Darren Minchington7101722711
Dylan Roberton191206141
Jack Billings1482261623
Jack Newnes1682442151
Jack Sinclair1492367
Jack Steele5111637
Jack Steven18112933142
Jade Gresham82103133
Jake Carlisle12517511
Jarryn Geary5813116
Jimmy Webster171229621
Josh Bruce43721
Koby Stevens121628625
Leigh Montagna1081846
Nathan Brown2461121
Nathan Wright75123722
Nick Riewoldt581331131
Sam Gilbert5611217
Sebastian Ross1417312111
Tim Membrey9716711112

GWS Giants

Adam Kennedy2132
Adam Tomlinson84122122
Aidan Corr549112
Callan Ward91928223
Devon Smith10162611812
Dylan Shiel1513283141
Harrison Himmelberg31013241
Heath Shaw21930911
Jacob Hopper4610441
Jeremy Cameron961561223
Jonathon Patton63931111
Josh Kelly121628291
Matthew Kennedy101222551
Nathan Wilson1631951121
Phil Davis2101243
Rory Lobb6511313111
Shane Mumford358132336
Stephen Coniglio141024411911
Steve Johnson91120541
Tim Taranto57122161
Tom Scully141630632
Zac Williams111122243