Dylan Roberton is targeting a Round 1 next year for a return after almost two seasons off with a heart condition.

The defender last played in round four of 2018 when he collapsed in a game against Geelong.

After being taken to hospital, the 28-year-old was diagnosed with an irregular heartbeat.

He now has a permanent defibrillator installed in his chest and takes medication but still wants to return next year.

"I had my first session back with the group the other day but obviously been running the whole off-season so feeling really good," Roberton told Triple M.

He has shaken off doubts about his health and believes he shouldn't have any further issues.

"I headed overseas and just got some opinions from overseas and everyone's really confident that if I'm diligent with my medication and ... regular check-ups with the cardiologist that everything's going to be fine," he added.

In a pre-season game against the Bulldogs this year Roberton attempted to make a return before suffering further heart irregularity.