MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - OCTOBER 05: Carlton Blues recruiter Stephen Silvagni (L) looks on during the AFL Draft Combine at Etihad Stadium on October 5, 2017 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Michael Dodge/Getty Images)

Carlton is having issues working out their trade targets in the upcoming trade period, according to SEN Breakfast’s Sam Edmund.

Edmund believes there are disagreements going on behind the scenes at Ikon Park with a number of people with a different view on who the club should go for in this year’s upcoming trade period.

“They’ve gone nowhere on the pursuit of Tom Papley. The Swans have been really strong that he’s staying put, we know he’s contracted for four more years,” he told SEN Breakfast.

“The Blues are still very confident in getting their man. We know they’ve met Jack Martin and Dan Butler as well, but there is some concern in the managerial space about who exactly is doing the wheeling and dealing at Carlton.

“There’s a lot of chefs down there and there’s a lot of broths as well. Now we know with Eddie Betts there was divided loyalties.

“In a greater sense, there was divided loyalties over Brandon Ellis. Now we know that race has been run and won, he’s not going to Carlton, but I can tell you the Carlton CEO Cain Liddle was in contact with Ellis as far back as February this year in terms of getting him to the club.

“In the end, my understanding is the Mick Agresta list manager was on board, Brad Lloyd the footy manager was on board, but then it got to the big dog Stephen Silvagni and he said no.

“So you’ve got a player basically thinking he’s got to get to Carlton and now he’s not going there and with Eddie Betts, there’s similar mixed messaging.

“The mail is the Blues aren’t on the same page in some cases and that’s causing some confusion, but it certainly does seem as though they’re all-in for Papley.”