North Melbourne interim coach Brett Ratten has revealed while he will miss some aspects of the top job it remains unlikely he'll step back into the hot seat following his 10-game stint in charge of the Kangaroos.

Sunday's loss to West Coast was Ratten's last as the caretaker coach at Arden Street in the absence of Alastair Clarkson, who will resume his role this week before making a comeback appearance against Melbourne in Tasmania on Sunday.

Having stepped aside since Round 10 due to matters relating to his health and wellbeing, Clarkson handed the reins to his part-time assistant and former Carlton and St Kilda senior coach in Ratten for an unknown period.

Ratten's stint as the interim couldn't see the Roos snap their losing run, which was extended over the weekend to 17 games as the Eagles broke their own winless drought with a five-point victory.

While the results didn't go in favour of Ratten and the Roos, the 52-year-old said he was proud and grateful for how welcoming the playing group were to his move into the senior coaching role.

"It wasn't about individuals post-game, it was about rounding off and me thanking the group and their commitment," Ratten said of his discussion with his players after the Round 20 loss.

"What I can tell you is that stepping in as an interim can have some difficulties, but the respect that the group has shown me to step in there - I'm very grateful for that.

"I thank them for the part they played, following through and the effort they gave. I said these close (losses) will turn around, you've just got to keep putting yourself there. It hurts when you don't win, but if you don't put yourself there then you don't have a chance. That's what we've got to get better at."

Ratten has flagged year-long that a return to senior coaching remains unlikely, having been sacked by both the Blues and Saints, the latter call coming last year despite the club recommitting to him midway through the season.

When asked as to whether he'll miss coaching, Ratten said there were parts of the job that he enjoyed in the role, which has now placed him in reaching distance of a milestone benchmark.

"I'm on 198 (games), so Jonny Bairstow just ripped the bails off and I'm that far short," Ratten said smiling.

"I will miss some things, but I have really enjoyed my time because of the respect (the players) have shown me.

"I've seen some growth in players and at times there were hard decisions to put players back in the reserves, or not elevate them. But I think we've seen some growth and that's the bit about coaching, you're there to help people.

"Sometimes you have to deliver the bad news and hopefully they grow from it, become a bit sharper and get their game right. That's some of the things I've really enjoyed in this period."

Ratten admitted he would be 'very surprised' if he was to take on a full-time senior coaching role for a third time, having lost the ambition to return to the tolling job.

"It felt a bit like the Dumb and Dumber scene where he looks at the good-looking girl and says I'm a chance – one in a million," Ratten said.

"That's what it feels like going forward. But it would be very surprising, I've really got not that much ambition to be a senior coach.

"... thanks everyone. That is 198 and out I reckon."

Ratten won't be the only one pondering the direction of their career over the final weeks of the season, with long-serving ruckman Todd Goldstein facing an uncertain future with the club he's played 311 games for.

Unsigned for next year as the club works through a list rebuild with a focus on injecting youth into their squad, Goldstein could follow fellow veteran Jack Ziebell in calling time on his career as a one-club stalwart.

Ratten said the decision will rest with both Goldstein and North Melbourne's list management group, with all parties needing to see eye-to-eye for the 35-year-old to play on into a 17th campaign.

"I think that'll be a club decision, working through list management," Ratten said of Goldstein's future.

"Al (Clarkson) will have a big say in that along with Brady and others at the club in that group.

"You've got to ask if Todd wants to too. At 35, the body doesn't recover like it used to. So conversations are going on and will continue."

North Melbourne will travel to Tasmania this weekend to host Melbourne at Blundstone Arena in Clarkson's return game.