Long gone are the days where clubs wear just one guernsey for every game.

There are now home, away, clash, indigenous and even promotional jumpers such as the 2019 debacle that was the Western Bulldogs ‘Thor’ kit.

We have ranked the top 10 current AFL guernseys, with the criteria that only one jumper from each team can be selected. Note that the popular indigenous jumpers are not on this list as they have not been announced for 2020.

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Here are the top 10 current AFL guernseys counting down from 10-1… do you agree with our list?


10. Hawthorn Clash

A throwback to the club’s jumper from the 1933 VFL season, it’s similar in design to other teams such as Port Adelaide and Melbourne. But what makes this one stand out is the gold background with the brown V. A striking combination both at the ground and on TV.