Business at the front, party in the back!

The AFL has seen some beautiful and some not-so beautiful mullets throughout the years.

But 2021 has seen a genuine resurgence in the brave choice of haircut and there are some gorgeous flowing locks floating about.

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The old adage of business at the front and party at the back is very much in vogue this season and we have ranked the 10 best currently going.

Note that Dan Butler and Liam Duggan miss out after shedding their mullets, while Aaron Naughton's has evolved into something far greater.

Read on to see our 10 best mullets in the AFL ranked 10-1. Did we leave any beauties off the list?

9. Nakia Cockatoo

This one is well and truly underrated because we haven't seen Cockatoo at AFL level for the Lions yet this season. But don't be mistaken, he is running with a proper mullet. His player profile picture says it all. Add in the moustache and it just has plenty going for it. A terrific combination we hopefully see on field before too long.

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