Three-time premiership star Cameron Mooney is set to pull on the boots for a local footy club more than a decade after retiring from the AFL.

Mooney has been unveiled as the eighth former AFL player set to nominate for The Carlton Draft, a local footy campaign that will unite Victorian communities and sporting clubs in 2022 and beyond.

Mooney will join fellow greats of the game Jarryd Roughead, Eddie Betts, Dale Thomas, Nathan Jones, Brendon Goddard, Alex Rance and Shaun Burgoyne as being eligible to be 'drafted' by selected local clubs in The Carlton Draft which will be televised live on Fox Footy on Wednesday, April 27.

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Speaking exclusively with Zero Hanger, Mooney said he understands the importance of local footy to the community and is excited to be involved.

"It's for a great cause," said Mooney, who played 11 games with North Melbourne before a glittering 210-game career with Geelong.

"Being a Wagga boy, growing up with local footy I know how important it really is, and I know over the last couple of years, local footy has taken a big hit.

"Growing up, footy wasn't on TV in the 90s ... my heroes were the senior players at the local footy club.

"I'm 43 and don't really want to be playing a game of footy, but it's for a good cause and I'm really excited - and even more excited about having a couple of tinnies after the game to be honest!"

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Mooney admitted that running out a full game could be a concern for his aging body - although he doesn't plan on actually running very far.

"I like to think I look fit, but I don't think I am fit", he chuckled.

"Running-wise, I don't get out of about second gear when I run, and it's usually after about 3-4kms my body starts packing up on me."

"But there won't be too much running, because, let's be honest, I'll be standing in the goal-square, hand in the air, and hopefully I can take a mark or two."

Perhaps a bigger concern for Mooney, however, is providing plenty of material for his Fox Footy colleagues on Bounce - or worse still, no content at all.

"I told them last night that I was doing it and - after they stopped laughing - they said it's going to be great fodder for the show," the 2007 All-Australian said.

"But the most embarrassing thing will be if I don't get a kick - if I don't get a highlight whatsoever, that will be even more embarrassing!"

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When asked if he was fearful of repeating his 1999 grand final performance, where he famously played in North Melbourne's premiership and didn't record a single stat, Mooney simply laughed.


"I'm 43, probably going to be playing on somebody who is 23 and in peak physical condition, and doesn't want to be beaten by an old man."

Regardless, Mooney's commitment to the cause is without question.

"If we're up by a point and winning will lead to a massive night, I'm more than prepared to run back, sit in the hole and jump in front of the bus for the club!"

Nominate your club for The Carlton Draft at

Entries close on Wednesday, March 30.