Just over a month out from the 2024 season, we are listing off some stars of the competition to watch out for this year.

We've compiled a ranking of the projected top 50 players in the competition for 2024, looking through spots 40-31 in this edition.

Rather than naming the best performers of 2023 or the top players entering Opening Round, this list will look at the best players currently with some projections as to how they may rank at the end of the year.

Part one addressed many up & coming young names who have done just enough to scrape into the exclusive top 50, this list of 10 gets to the players who are entrenched in that club but need to bolster their production further or impact the outcome of games to climb higher.



1. 40 - Harry Sheezel

A Daicos-esque debut year for Harry Sheezel has him already tussling with some genuine stars of the competition on this list, and seemingly on track for an illustrious career at Arden Street.

Those who watch his class on and maturity off it should expect him to take his game to another level this year, having already learned the ropes of an AFL pre-season.

Added size and developed confidence after more than a year of experience in the system is hopefully the natural evolution of Sheezel in year two.

North Melbourne Kangaroos player Harry Sheezel Photo by Daniel Pockett/Getty Images via AFL Photos

A potentially more stable club environment without the Clarkson turmoil of 2023 may assist this evolution as North Melbourne and render the 'fresh start' feel that diminished so dramatically after last year's 2-0 start.