ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA - NOVEMBER 20: Paddy Ryder poses for a photoraph after speaking to the media at Port Adelaide Power headquarters on November 20, 2014 in Adelaide, Australia. (Photo by Morne de Klerk/Getty Images)

Port Adelaide coach Ken Hinkley says his side should also be given list concessions after the recent Court of Arbitration for Sport ruling.

The AFL has allowed Essendon to upgrade all five of its rookie listed players and sign up to ten top-up players for the 2016 season.

The other four AFL clubs affected by the guilty ruling can upgrade one player from its rookie list.

Hinkley is furious that the Power cannot sign more than one player, as the club has two players (Angus Monfries and Paddy Ryder) banned for the season, meaning the Bombers can start the season with 43 players, where as the Power can only enter the season will 42.

“How do you get penalised for not creating the problem and have to deal with it? It doesn’t make sense to me,” Hinkley told Adelaide radio station 5AA.

“You would think at worst we would not start the season below the numbers of the Essendon Football Club.

“Essendon should not start the season with 43 and us with 42 players.”

Essendon has so far signed two top-up players, former Fremantle player Ryan Crowley and former Geelong triple-premiership player, James Kelly.


  1. Too bloody right….but at the same time….these clubs knew when dealing with Essendon with player trades that there was a possibility of sanctions in which i am sure had clauses in their player contracts in regards to it….i kind of say serve yourselves right, but i do feel for the Saints a little…even as a pies man

    • I agree Paul, but up to a point. I’m a Saints man so I agree we shouldn’t be allowed a top up player for Carlisle because, as you rightly state, we recruited him knowing that this was a worst-case possibility. Which is identical to the Port Adelaide and Paddy Ryder situation. However, Port recruited Angus Monfries BEFORE the supplements saga came up and therefore had no way of protecting themselves. If the AFL have allowed a top up player for Monfries only, then that is the correct course of action. Hinkley needs to cop Ryder on the chin, same as Saints for Carlisle and the Dees for Melksham.

    • Well if the other clubs are not allowed top up players, then why are the cheating bastards Essenscum allowed them. They have broken the rules and are being rewarded where as the others only traded/ picked up in FA players not happy with what Essenscum did to them. Essenscum have 28 senior listed players and 6 rookie listed players on their list. It is their own fault if they don’t have enough players to field a side.

    • There’s really only two ways of looking at it for mine. Either clubs are only allowed replacements if they traded for a player who has since been suspended before the scandal broke, like Monfries at Port, or all clubs get to replace them all. The former option is impossible because Essendon wouldn’t have a viable list, so it has to be the latter. Hinkley is dead right: the way it’s been decided, Essendon, the guilty party, get to replace all their suspended players and Port don’t. That doesn’t sit right at all.

  2. All the teams that took these players knew that they might be suspended but took the risk Collingwood stayed out of it smart by eddy and I support the whole football legue

  3. Except Angus Monfries, who was taken as a trade at the end of 2012, before the scandal broke mate. That’s why PAFC would like to replace him, otherwise they’ll only have 42 players available, 1 less than the team convicted. Hence they ask. They didn’t ask in concern to Paddy Ryder as they knew the risks.

  4. They didn’t know with monfries, ryder was a gamble they knew the risks but not monfries.
    Good enough for essendon port should surely be allowed to get just one to replace monfries

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