Adelaide Oval


Yet another game where it will be tough to pick a winner. Both Port and Richmond are jostling for a top four finish and this game could have some big implications for positions come the end of the year.

Richmond were less than convincing in their win over Carlton and seemed to butcher the ball at times. They will also be without running half back Bachar Houli, who has been suspended, but whether it be two weeks or more, we will find out tonight. Port on the other hand were led by Robbie Gray (five goals) in a convincing win.

The game could be decided in the middle, with the Nankervis vs. Ryder battle being pivotal. The Tiger ruckman looks to have struggled to run out games in recent weeks, which could play into the hands of Paddy Ryder and the Power.

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Team Line-Ups

IN Jared Polec, M. Broadbent
OUTAaron Young, Jack Hombsch
IN Oleg Markov, Tyson Stengle
OUTBachar Houli, Shai Bolton
FB 4 Jarman Impey 17 Tom Clurey 17 Jasper Pittard
FF 17 Daniel Rioli 27 Jack Riewoldt 7 Dan Butler
HB 33 D. Byrne-Jones 42 Tom Jonas 8 Hamish Hartlett
HF 23 Kane Lambert 22 Sam Lloyd 11 Jason Castagna
C 7 Brad Ebert 16 Ollie Wines 13 Jared Polec
C 10 Shane Edwards 9 Trent Cotchin 6 Shaun Grigg
HF 46 Sam Gray 8 J. Trengove 43 Dan Houston
HB 5 Brandon Ellis 12 David Astbury 33 Kamdyn McIntosh
FF 20 Chad Wingard 22 Charlie Dixon 39 Justin Westhoff
FB 15 Jayden Short 18 Alex Rance 2 Dylan Grimes
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Team Stats

Disposals 397 vs 396
Contested Possessions 166 vs 138
Kicks 250 vs 209
Handballs 147 vs 187
Free Kicks 18 vs 12
Clearances 42 vs 36
Centre Clearances 11 vs 8
Stoppages 31 vs 28
Inside 50 67 vs 52
Marks 122 vs 92
Marks in 50 12 vs 9
Contested Marks 22 vs 9
Tackles 67 vs 79
Hit-Outs 52 vs 29

Player Stats

Port Adelaide Power

Brad Ebert7111841241
Chad Wingard2712396141
Charlie Dixon841293211
Dan Houston1292195
Darcy Byrne-Jones14216612
Hamish Hartlett861471
Jackson Trengove651112111
Jake Neade76131251
Jared Polec169257
Jarman Impey102124241
Jasper Pittard116174123
Justin Westhoff129214713
Matthew White143179333
Matthew Broadbent9413411
Ollie Wines1315287141
Patrick Ryder10717542115
Robbie Gray104145113
Sam Gray1261871712
Sam Powell-Pepper131124311222
Tom Clurey729513
Tom Jonas11920613
Travis Boak135189115

Richmond Tigers

Alex Rance10919326
Brandon Ellis161329813
Connor Menadue3131632
Dan Butler5383163
Daniel Rioli3361221
David Astbury9817412
Dion Prestia11132433
Dustin Martin221436814412
Dylan Grimes6713323
Jack Riewoldt461061141
Jason Castagna491343
Jayden Short155208111
Josh Caddy12820471
Kamdyn McIntosh12820615
Kane Lambert1914337101
Oleg Markov459211
Sam Lloyd85134251
Shane Edwards812202211
Shaun Grigg1313265111
Toby Nankervis81321528125
Trent Cotchin114154251
Tyson Stengle628112


  Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Port Adelaide
1.6 (12) 5.11 (41) 6.14 (50) 8.15 (63)
1.4 (10) 3.8 (26) 7.10 (52) 11.10 (76)