The AFL's Match Review Officer is likely to look at two separate incidents from Saturday's action that involved a Port Adelaide star and an Adelaide midfielder, with both players potentially facing forceful front-on contact charges.

Power gun Zak Butters could gain scrutiny of the MRO for making forceful front-on contact with Fremantle's Bailey Banfield during the final quarter of the Saturday night's game.

With the ball loose between the pair, Butters comes from some distance at speed in an attempt to have an impact on the contest, but in doing so manages to go past the ball and collects Banfield - who was positioned over the ball - high with some impact.

For the MRO to charge Butters with forceful front-on contact, they would have to deem the Port Adelaide star was reasonably contesting the ball, and that high contact was made on Banfield.

A similar incident took place between Crouch and Carlton's Jack Carroll in Saturday afternoon's game at Marvel Stadium, with the Crows onballer collecting his opponent high as both players were over the ball.

Carroll was in a slower position over the ball while Crouch - like Butters - came into the contest with some speed and collected Carroll high.

Crouch collected Carroll with his side, with the latter floored and requiring medical treatment before playing out the game.

Footage of the incident doesn't see Crouch make contact with the ball, with Carroll managing to get his hands to it. It could work against Crouch, who may be deemed not to have been reasonably contesting for the ball, given his arms aren't stretched out to gain possession.

Should the MRO hand down forceful front-on contact charges to both Butters and Crouch, both actions would be expected to be graded with 'careless' conduct and 'high contact' with the impact grading to determine whether they are sanctioned with a fine or suspension.

A 'low' impact grading would lead to a fine, while a 'medium' grading would result in a one-game suspension.

Any forceful front-on contact offence where high contact has been made and has the potential to cause injury will have a minimum impact grading of 'medium'.

Port Adelaide are scheduled to face Collingwood next Saturday for their next game, while Adelaide will host Essendon at Adelaide Oval on Friday night for their Round 6 fixture.

The MRO's findings from Saturday's action will be released on Sunday evening.