MELBOURNE, VICTORIA - SEPTEMBER 29: Taylor Adams of the Magpies looks dejected after defeat during the 2018 AFL Grand Final match between the Collingwood Magpies and the West Coast Eagles at Melbourne Cricket Ground on September 29, 2018 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Michael Dodge/AFL Media/Getty Images)

One Collingwood fan has decided to start a petition, asking the AFL to review the umpiring from Saturday’s Grand Final and reverse the result to crown the Pies as premiers.

West Coast trailed for most of the afternoon before a brilliant goal from Dom Sheed helped the Eagles take home their first flag since 2006.

However, Collingwood fan Rod Craven isn’t having the result, and has cited three major incidents that he believes “were either wrongly awarded, were missed entirely and eventually were what cost the Collingwood Football Club the premiership.”

Craven cited Willie Rioli’s first quarter goal as example one, suggesting he didn’t actually touch the ball with his boot, and because it came off another part of his body it should be a behind.

Example two states a Collingwood behind should have been awarded as a goal, as no West Coast player touched the ball on it’s path through the goals. The decision was given as a behind due to Tom Barass appearing to touch the ball on the way through.

Finally, Craven cited the mark to Sheed, suggesting Brayden Maynard was impeded in the process and should have received a free kick.

Craven also detailed the bump on Maynard by Liam Ryan, and said Ryan should have been penalised and reported for striking for the hit.

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The Pies fan closed the petition by demanding change.

“We as Collingwood supporters, as well as most of the general public feel that a grand final should be allowed to be won on merit, and not be awarded as the result of poor umpiring and biases toward clubs and particular players held by the governing body.

“We DEMAND that the decisions made on Saturday the 29th Sept be overhauled and reviewed in their entirety, and that either the result reversed, or the game declared a no-result and replayed in its entirety at a future date.

“Failure to act on on this will effect in a vote of no confidence in the AFL administration, the umpiring panel, and the competition in general.”

To see the petition in full and sign it, click here.


  1. How was that not a block on Maynard with two minutes to go is a joke, I feel we have been penalized because we are Collingwood supporters and an inter state team have won the flag for a number of years

      • Hahaha. GF played in your home ground, Bugger all travel in 2018, 29pt blown lead in the GF and a longer break between the prelim and the granny. You lost! Get over it! We can review calls all day but there were calls on both sides which weren’t called. What a joke of a petition.

    • Hahahahahahahahaha, this muppet has lost their grip on reality. Good for a laugh nod that’s about it, very delusional

  2. salty or what how about the many holding the ball decision eagles didn’t get and marks that weren’t paid and the deliberiert behind by jeremy howe that was not award eagles ein getriebe it move on

    • And when Sidebottom deliberatly ran a benind through with 2 mins to go, should’ve been a free kick in front of goals as he ran around the pack and wasn’t under duress.

  3. I have shared this to all of my social media friends, hoping that we get as many signatures possible, so then when we submit it to the AFL they laugh at you and throw it in the bin ha ha ha
    Doinnnnn the eagle rockkkkkkk

  4. I also have shared it. At the risk of sounding like a bad sport, I really am fed up with incompetent umpiring at crucial points in the game. It happens too often and the umpires are not reprimanded or required to admit their mistakes.

    • At the risk of sounding like a bad sport? Like there is any doubt! You blew a 30pt lead in front of 70,000 strong supporters, at your home ground, losing 3 quarters of footy. Salty babies the bunch of you

  5. Games over! Decisions are made all game. Some are right. Some are undecided. Eagles are Premiers. Get over it! !!!!!!!!

  6. For a start, most of those issues were video reviewed and show your petition to be an outright joke! Riolis kick came of his shin, meaning its still a goal, and barrass clearly touched that other 1!

  7. What a joke! Where were you all in 2016 FGS! 20 / 8 frees to the bulldogs – we copped it… and you lot have nothing to mean about. Get over it😜

  8. I cannot believe how one eyed pies fans are. If you seriously cannot see the ball come off rioli’s shin and the clear touched behind then you seriously need to start a petition to get your eyes checked. You might want to check the second quarter and see how the umpires were reluctant to pay any free kicks to the eagles. For the entire game the eagles could hardly get a holding the ball decision.
    You should be happy that the umps got you over the line against GWS. Probably one of the worst umpired games in recent memory. The giants had to play the pies and the umps. Maybe all pies fans should go back and have another look at the granny and blame the players for letting a 5 goal lead slip.

  9. Has failed to mention the non free kick to West Coast when Cox grabs an Eagles player around the face….. what about when Howe jumps on the ball, dragging it in about 20 m from West Coast goal, clearly holding the ball….. but no don’t mention those ones. By the way, Barrass did get his hand on the ball…… sore loser mate. Umpires pay or miss free kicks all year…..

  10. Crappy Collingwood forever
    They know how to lose the game (Two, three, four)
    Side by side they fail together
    To emmbarres Magpies name (Cor blimey!)

    See all there losers a shouting
    As all losers should
    Oh, the premiership’s a heartache
    For the crap old Collingwood!” Sing it loud and long lol

  11. Eagles better team.
    They had at least 4 clear chances to kill it off.
    Also Eagles had 4 top players missing. If they where playing it would have been 6 goal win.
    Oh well it’s now 2019 planning.

  12. I can’t remember a Grand Final where the game has been better umpired.
    All these decisions mentioned where 100% correct.
    Sooking does not give you a flag. You have to win them.
    I wonder if they sooked like this after all 28 lost Grand Finals.

  13. Im a one eyed pies supporter there were a few calls on both sides its football we got beat in the end this why we get a bad name cause of a few people that can’t take losing im sorry but we didnt play well after half time and lost fair and square so stop with the petition crap eagles won fair and square in the end and well done and congrates to eagles players and supporters and enjoy the win and pies supporters pick your bottom lips up stop sooking and support our club that put their all in and fell short and we will get there just have faith

    • Well said Bish. The wrestle between Maynard and Rioli pre Sheed’s Mark would have put enough doubt in the umpires mind to leave it be “both in it”… there were plenty of calls missed both ways in the rest of the game to suggest that the umps were neutral at best. WC dominated the play statistically and had they kicked straighter then the Pies lose by 5 goals.

  14. Sorry mate it’s never going to happen. We lost to Caaaarlton with a ball out of bounds. Lost night grand final to north Melboure due to the umpire not hearing the siren. Change one thing and the whole game changes. Just have to leave it. It is what it is Go pies forever

  15. Give it rest mate. It’s peanuts like you that make the rest of ‘us’ look bad. I was shattered by the loss, but proud of the way we played. WCE were far too strong and too big up forward. Be thankful that they (WCE) didn’t kick straight, otherwise the result would have been a blow out. To suggest that the result should be overturned, is laughable and embarrassing. Take your petition, scrunch it up and wipe your arse with it. I, as a Pie supporter wont be signing it!

    • That absolutely right it does give us proud supporters a bad names they were far to strong in end but we are still proud of what bucks and the boys did this year they gave it every they had so take you petition and shove it cause i want absolutely nothing to do with it and you should be ashamed of your self and if your a member you shouldn’t be cause we dont need or want people like you at our club im sorry if i seem harsh but come on mate we need to support the club we love so lets get behind bucks and the boys and lets go again in 2019 go pies!!!

  16. Ha ha ha lol lol you guys would have never made the finals if a wasn’t for the umpires. Please snap out of it Colliewobbles are back 😂🤣

  17. Wow, talk about a bad loser!! Seriously, the same could be made for bad calls not made AGAINST Collingwood, get over yourself you brain dead magpie

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