Photo Credits -, Carlton FC and Code Sports.

It's always nice to come to the end of the week and look back on funny, heartwarming and interesting things that have happened in the AFL.

Here are some of the best stories of this week, that we feel will brighten up your day and possibly garner a few laughs.

Luckless Blue returns for first senior game since 2019

On July 7, 2019, almost three years ago, Caleb Marchbank suffered a severe neck injury, and has yet to feature at AFL level since.

A lot has happened since then, the world even went through a pandemic.

A horrid run of injuries has kept him out of the game but finally, Marchbank's time has come.

Something fishy is going on in the AFL

Twin brothers Carlton forward Harry McKay and Kangaroos defender Ben McKay have yet to play against one another at AFL level.

Harry is set to return against the Bombers this week, which funny enough comes as Ben is set to miss this week due to concussion protocols.

This only adds fuel to the fun theory that the two are in fact the same person.

Even the bookies have joined in on the fun, sharing a tweet from one of our very own.


Footage has been found of infamous Rex Hunt clash

Rhett Bartlett, son of Richmond legend Kevin, runs a Twitter account where he shares rare footage of football's past.

This week, he found footage of the wackiest moments in the sport's history when former 3AW Commentator Rex Hunt infamously clashed with a smoker, on-air at Princes Park.

You can watch it here 👇🚭

More heartwarming debutant videos

It always warms the heart to see videos of players being told that they're making their debut.

The feeling gets fuzzier when we get to see player's call family members to tell them the good news.

This week we saw both instances, with Demon Daniel Turner and Tiger Judson Clarke.

Congratulations and all the very best to both!