Sam Newman

On Thursday night, Sam Newman announced to the world that he will be leaving The Footy Show.

The longest current panelist of the program revealed that he will be stepping down from the show after next week’s Grand Final show.

According to Newman, the show has not been given any hints on whether or not the show will be up and running next year by the Nine Network.

Newman said that it was time to move on in an emotional announcement to the shows audience and the viewers at the start of last nights show.

“It’s appropriate at this opportunity that I end my association with this show and the network on the off chance this is the final show that we do,” Newman said.

“Next week we look forward to a great Grand Final show.”

The show started in 1994 with the trio of Sam Newman, Eddie McGuire and Trevor Marmalade.

Newman showed appreciation to the Nine Network and all of the current shows partners for standing by him even after all the controversy that he has caused on the show. He also thanked everyone he has worked with on the show and all the players that have made a media career because of the show.

“I have probably been the most criticised and traduced person in the media in Australia for probably two decades. I wouldn’t have it any other way because you are what you are. I know who I am, I know what I am,” he said.

“I take it with a grain of salt. People have a right to say whatever they like about me, or this show or people on it.”

The Channel Seven show, The Front Bar, has regularly beaten the Footy Show in ratings in 2018.

The 300-game player thanked the viewers for watching the program for over more than two decades.

“I really appreciate the fact you’ve taken the time to tune in – sometimes in big numbers, sometimes in lesser numbers,” he said.

“You’ve got to experience the lows in life to appreciate the highs. I am one of those people and so this is probably it for me as an in-house Footy Show contributor.

“And next week will be probably it for me as a Grand Final Footy Show participant as well.”