The AFL has given approval to a new technology that could improve kicking accuracy across the league, reports Fox Sports. 

The product is an adhesive strip the fits tightly across the boat's laces. Five clubs have already been sent samples to trial.

Scott Ryan and Will Jesser have spent three years refining the strip, called Pinpoint Kicking Aid, which was officially given the green light by the AFL in June.

"It's basically just a grip pad for the top of your slippery football boot," co-founder Scott Ryan told

"It's designed to ensure the purchase on the footy from the top of your boot is as clean and strong as it can be, any conditions."

Jesser and Ryan have spent years trying to work out why kicking efficiency, especially from set shots, at the elite level has not improved. So they decided to develop a product that would endure wintry conditions and pointy Sherrins.

"It takes out the slippery or shiny footy and it takes out the pointy end of the Sherrin before it is kicked in," Ryan said.

"It levels out the playing field in regards to the grip pad the top of your boot. It's that simple.

"It improves your kicking efficiency without changing anything. You don't have to change your technique. It will reduce your margin the error. This gives you the best possible chance at getting some purchase on the footy."

The original material was made from motorcycle tyre tube and cut by hand. The product was refined with help from Campbellfield business Gaska Tapes and more than 30 football clubs in the northern suburbs were able to trial the product.

Former AFL stars Brendan Fevola, Dustin Fletcher and Scott Cummings have used the Pinpoint Kicking Aid in Ricky Nixon's Kicking for Cancer initiative.

The duo would like to see their product in the kit bag at every level.

"What we would like is for all clubs to stock it as a consumable for their training table. Mums and dads but it for their kids," Jesser told

A fortnight ago, Jesser and Ryan received an email from the chair of AFL research board Patrick Clifton about their product.

"We put it in front of the footy operations department in the lead up to COVID-19," Ryan said.

"They are keen to help improve any statistic of the game. They were really receptive in what we had to offer them.

"We sent them in some product. Through the COVID-19 period they gave us the green light to trial it at AFL clubs.

"Carlton, Hawthorn, Melbourne, Brisbane, The Adelaide Crows academy have it so they can use it at training now."

The duo split their tasks with Jesser looks after research and development while Ryan is in charge of marketing and sales. They admit there was trouble finding the right adhesive for the product.

"Getting it to stay on the boot was the hardest part," Ryan said.

"We used different adhesive and rubber applications and we now use a spray on rubber as opposed to cutting out solid pieces of rubber. They don't come off. In the wet, it's incredible. The purchase it puts on the pill is amazing."