Richmond coach Damien Hardwick has labelled the AFL's goal line technology "not good enough" in the wake of the club's elimination final loss on Thursday night.

The Lions got over the line by just two points in the tense affair, overshadowed by a contentious overturned goal in the dying minutes of the clash.

The incident occurred when Tiger Tom Lynch had a shot at goal with just two minutes remaining before full time, kicking to give Richmond a nine-point lead. The six points were awarded by the umpire, but overturned by the ARC.

Despite the AFL agreeing with the decision made by the score review system, Hardwick conceded that the technology wasn't as good as it should be.

"I just feel the technology is not good enough," Hardwick said post-game.

"It hasn't been for a long period of time. I think we've put a lot of money into it and clearly, it's indecisive still. We've got goal umpires, pick which way you want to go.

"The technology is not to the level that it needs to be, so either get it better or don't have it. I see the goal umpire make a call and generally it's got to be definitive to overturn it.

"I've used the GIF before, the common sense GIF, but I'm not bringing that back out.

"Why don't we just let the umpires make the call? They're paid to do a job, let them do a job or don't have them. To me it doesn't make any sense.

"I was pretty adamant when it first came out, but the fact of the matter is we saw a pretty good game of footy. One side has to lose, unfortunately that was us tonight."

Following the match, the league released a statement ticking off on the decision, stating it was the "correct call".

"The ARC reviewed all the camera angles and it is viewed as a definitive behind. The correct call was made," the statement said.

Further fan footage from Lynch's kick arose on social media hours after the game had concluded, with the position of the vision coming from over Lynch's shoulder as he took his set shot.

While the angle doesn't categorically tick off the ARC's definitive answer, fans have suggested the vision does strengthen the call of a behind.

Following their win, the Lions will now progress to play the loser of Friday night's final between Melbourne and Sydney.