An incident between Fremantle star Andrew Brayshaw and Bulldog Tom Liberatore from Friday night is expected to gain the attention of the AFL's Match Review Officer.

The incident in question, which took place midway through the final term of the Round 6 encounter between the Dockers and Dogs, left Liberatore dazed on the Optus Stadium surface, with the club having since confirmed their premiership midfielder has entered the league's concussion protocols.

The diagnosis for Liberatore could spell trouble for Brayshaw, with the MRO's impact gradings for reportable offences involving concussion this year often listed as 'severe'.

The incident involving Brayshaw will need to be viewed as a reportable offence by the MRO for the Dockers vice-captain to receive a charge for forceful front-on contact however.

Brayshaw is seen bracing for impact as Liberatore contests for a loose ball, with Brayshaw making contact with Liberatore's head after the duo both came from separate angles before colliding.

Brayshaw's teammate Michael Walters arrives to the contest behind Liberatore, with the Bulldog crushed between the two Fremantle players as he looks to gain possession.

The MRO will need to weigh up whether Brayshaw was in his right to contest for the ball or could've prevented injury and forceful contact to Liberatore.

Should Brayshaw's actions be seen as careless, a suspension as high as three weeks could be handed down. A grading of Careless Conduct, Severe Impact and High Contact will result in the MRO referring the incident to the AFL Tribunal for a minimum three-week suspension.

Should the MRO see Brayshaw contesting for the ball and no reportable offence, the Dockers midfielder will receive no suspension.

Fremantle are scheduled to face Brisbane, Hawthorn and Sydney in their next three matches.

The MRO will confirm any charges from Friday's match on Saturday evening.