Melbourne midfielder James Harmes will face a nervous wait ahead of the second week of AFL finals, with the hard-nosed Demon likely to gain scrutiny of the Match Review Officer for a late git on Swans defender Jake Lloyd.

The incident in question occurred early into the final term of Friday night's qualifying final at the MCG, with Lloyd moving under the ball to mark a loose kick that floated out of Melbourne's defensive 50.

Taking the mark, Lloyd was soon thumped by the late arrival of Harmes, who collected the Sydney veteran high.

The officiating umpire was quick to penalise the Demon, with Lloyd awarded a 50-metre penalty and booting Sydney's 13th goal of the night while Harmes was placed on report.

Melbourne coach Simon Goodwin was hopeful post-game that Harmes will avoid a suspension, stating contact shouldn't be graded as high.

"From what I've seen he gets him in the chest," Goodwin said.

"[Lloyd] played on with no concussion. They got a 50-metre penalty, which cost us a goal.

"It's one of those collisions in footy that happens. It was a little bit late but he got him in the chest. Hopefully we can move forward as a competition."

The MRO could grade Harmes' actions as Careless Conduct, High Impact and High Contact would result in a two-match suspension.

With Lloyd able to continue in the match, the grading of impact could be viewed as Medium, which would lower the ban to one match.

Should Harmes be suspended for the one-match, he won't be available to feature in next week's semi-final bout with Brisbane should he fail to challenge the suspension.