Brisbane vice-captain Hugh McCluggage has drawn an early line in the sand regarding his contract status, stating that it is his preference to remain a Lion well into the future.

Brought north to the Gabba with the 3rd selection of the 2016 AFL Draft, the Vic Country product has donned the Lions' maroon, blue and gold on 155 occasions across the past seven seasons.

With his contract expiring and the midfielder having met the markers on free agency, rival clubs are set to come calling.

However, when speaking publicly, McCluggage claimed Brisbane's brass and its supporter base should have no cause for concerns, with the South Warrnambool native content to call Queensland home.

“Myself and the club are comfortable with where it's sitting. ‘Trotts' (manager, David Trotter) is working through it with the club. I love it here. I was lucky to come along and see the turnaround and be at a club that has consistently pushed for finals and I have done a lot of hard work to play my part so I am really happy with where we sit and I have got my life set up here quite well," McCluggage was quoted by News Corp.

“It is important to (state my intention to stay). The boys always ask you the question with subtle digs. We want to keep good people around and they are in the same boat with me. So yeah, I definitely want it to happen but it's definitely a business so you have to make sure you do your due diligence and get the best possible result for both the club and yourself personally.”

Although raised as a potential million-dollar player heading forward, one poised to sign a long-term deal, McCluggage played a straight bat to questions regarding figures, stressing much of it sat outside of his control.

“I don't have too much involvement in it. I am proud I have got to the point in my career where I can hopefully sign a long-term deal. I have done a lot of work to get to that point and it would be enjoyable to sit here knowing I have that security. It's one of those things that will get done and then I can continue on my way with my career,” he added.

McCluggage and the Lions will cap their pre-season period after facing Gold Coast and Sydney before the end of February.

The defeated grand finalists will commence their season proper when they play host to Carlton at the Gabba on Friday, March 8 as part of the AFL's inaugural Opening Round.