GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 14: Jack Martin of the Suns kicks during the round four AFL match between the Gold Coast Suns and the Carlton Blues at Metricon Stadium on April 14, 2019 in Gold Coast, Australia. (Photo by Chris Hyde/Getty Images)

Former Kangaroos great David King has posed the question of whether the Suns should re-draft Jack Martin to send a message to the rest of the playing group.

Martin requested a trade to Carlton this off-season but a deal could not be struck between the two clubs during the exchange period.

It means the 24-year old can now only join the Blues through the pre-season draft, but King said Gold Coast should consider standing in their way to make a cultural stance.

“Do they (Gold Coast) need to re-draft Jack Martin to send a message to all players that are either on the list or coming to the Gold Coast Suns, both in this draft and the drafts in the future?” King told SEN Drive.

“That you’re just not going to walk out of the place, you’re not just going to get to the destination of your choice

“They (Gold Coast) have got picks coming out of their ears … so picks aren’t necessarily the answer for them, unless it was a mega deal.

“If you’re Jack Lukosius, (Matthew) Rowell or (Noah) Anderson, who we all think will end up as picks No.1 and 2 in this next draft, even the King twin up there, it’s not going to be easy anymore to just say to the Suns: ‘Yep, I want to go and play with my brother at St Kilda’.

“It doesn’t matter what the club is, I’m just saying that they’re basically saying to the talent on their list now that those days are gone.

“I just think it’s a great stance by the Gold Coast Suns, I don’t even know if they have to re-draft him (Martin) to do that, if they did, where does that leave Martin?

“I love what they have done, and I think that the group up there now will say: ‘Ok, this is tougher to just walk out than what it was two seasons ago’.”