North Melbourne small forward Nathan Hrovat has been told he won't be offered a contract for the 2020 AFL season.

Hrovat played just five games for the Roos in 2019, with his tally for North Melbourne finishing at 39.

The 25-year-old played 30 games for the Bulldogs between 2013-2016.

“North Melbourne is a very, very special place,” he told the Powershop Players Podcast.

“I think they just personify that hardworking sort of culture and that’s exactly the way I’ll look back on it.

“I know it’s sort of thrown out in the media at times about how we have that Shinboner culture and we’re unique, I genuinely do think North Melbourne is a unique place to be.

“The staff are incredible, the players and the culture are really, really good and especially under the guidance now of 'Shawry' (Rhyce Shaw); I think it’s only just going to be a better environment to be in, better place to play footy and come to work.”